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Man Arrested After Threatening Judge with Gun

Harry Yaletsko

WEST PITTSTON — A 71-year-old man from Harding was arrested Wednesday after police said he threatened a judge in Luzerne County with his gun.

District Judge Joseph Carmody in West Pittston found Harry Yaletsko guilty of harassment and ordered him to pay a $200 fine on Wednesday morning. Now, because of what Yaletsko said in court, he’s locked up on $250,000 bail and facing more serious charges.

“I said I was going to get my 44 magnum and that was it,” Yaletsko said to Newswatch 16 after his arraignment in district court in Wyoming.

Photographer Michael Erat asked, “What were you going to do with it?”

Yaletsko replied, “Protection.”

According to court papers, after Yaletsko said his gun remark, Judge Carmody said, “are you threatening me? Because I just took that as a threat.”

Yaletsko was charged with terroristic threats, harassment, and disorderly conduct after what he said to Judge Carmody.

He is not allowed to contact Magistrate Carmody or his family.

He is also not allowed to contact the victims of the harassment case in which he was found guilty and he has to give his guns to police.

Yaletsko is due back in court for his preliminary hearing in mid-February.



    The bright yellow is not skook street roamer colors, Brings too much attention to a roamer. this guy definitely isn’t from frackville or ashland.

  • mopar driver

    Granted I am sure the “judge ” Is a pompous buffoon , His life is to suck out all he can for his corrupt cronnies and this man just his latest victim . I whole heartedly agree with his thoughts ( the accused) and am sure the “judge ” has added and twisted this as these idiots think their job is to convict everyone they can and go out of context to support false claims .

    • Alice Nelson

      No respectable person gives a rat’s backside about heroin addiction. There’s too much boohooing over the fools who are dumb enough to inject it and no focus on accountability and personal responsibility. So yea, in today’s violent climate, gun threats are an issue. Heroin? Pffft. It’s more of a ‘stupidity’ epidemic.

      • Mike Montagna

        It really is a shame that you don’t think the heroine epidemic isn’t important. All the children losing mothers and fathers, all the mothers and fathers losing children. All the grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters brother, etc…

      • As long as it doesn't effect me

        You’re ignorant. I try not to wish bad on people but I hope your family becomes victims of a heroin problem gone awry. You wouldn’t be making significant comments then!

  • Archie Beal

    No I don’t wake up disappointed…I know just as well as clowns know….the 2nd ammendment will eventually history …sooner than you want to believe…you people are in a sad state of denial if you think differently.

    • not going to happen

      Dream on crazy man, dream on. We all have to have dreams. Mine is for you to be ‘outed’ some day.

    • Another day with the 2A

      Hey Archie, I woke up this morning-and we still have the constitutional right to bear arms. And you’re still wrong. AHAHAHAHAAAHHHAAAA!!!!!

      • mickey roberts.

        Just so you conspiracy idiots know…..In order to repeal a constitutional amendment it requires 2/3 of congress, and 3/4 of the states to vote for repeal. The POTUS has no power, no say, and neither does the SCOTUS. Stop being led around by the nose by NRA and the GOP. After all the BS stories they fed you for all these years, the only presidents to infringe on your rights were Reagan/Bush. Rayguns people wrote the Brady Bill, and Bush Sr.signed it and quit the NRA. The only POTUS to restore a right was Obama. He allowed guns to be carried in a national park. Now, don’t you feel like an idiot for being played for a sucker?

  • Archie Beal

    Another example as to why firearms need to be removed from common citizens…without the firearms in circulation these these threats are meaningless…with a violent threat such as this, the old coot doesn’t deserve to possess a cap gun…this clown by all means belongs behind bars and permanently revoke his carry permit…this displays the mindset of your typical gun nuts…good for him! I can’t wait for the 2nd ammendment to be abolished…it is coming sooner than you realize.

    • i knew something was missing

      An article on guns wouldn’t be complete without the frothing at the mouth and rantings of our resident madman: Archie Beal. Thanks for keeping it real Archie, and for continuously proving what a raving lunatic sounds like. 2A isn’t going anywhere. It must really suck to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say to yourself ‘Darn, didn’t happen yet’.

      • Archie: stupid or troll-you decide

        Archie is the epitome of ridiculous. What I haven’t figured out yet is if he’s as stupid as he sounds or if he’s just a huge troll.

  • VC

    I’ve seen more than one of my older friends act like this and even have flashbacks if they see the wrong thing on the TV. Then they just go back to normal and say sorry after trying to find dead friends under a couch. I think these people got off lucky and should drop the bail after publicly disgracing a soldier that served our country.

    • Flag DFW

      So who else gets a pass because of what they may have done in the past? The guy was probably a pouge sitting in the rear with the gear.
      I think doctors, police, EMS, nurses, lawyers, teachers and pilots shoulder get a free threat and low bail because of what they do, or did in the past.
      That’s not how it works, Chief.

    • these people got off lucky

      “These people got off lucky”. As compared to who – the people at the Ross Township meeting? Yeah, there was a justified shooting if I ever saw one. Get real, threats are to be taken seriously these days.

      • VC

        You’ve never seen a war veteran have a flashback? It’s pretty scary. They go from normal to inconsolable in no time. That is real life for a lot of combat veterans and their families. A lot of them get abandoned and end up homeless after seeing the most disgusting things in the world. Your easy chair comments cannot compare to picking up pieces of your friends and we all might want to gauge them differently. They put their lives on the line for YOUR rights.

  • Cowboy

    So Joe wasn’t politically correct by saying what he said or he didn’t have time to add [to do some target practice].

    • beereal

      People should know what’s right and wrong.I respect all military vets. HOWEVER, they’re not above the law, unfortunately. Disrespect =consequences

  • Smgdh

    While Mr. Yiletsko was in the Mekong Delta knocking down Charlie this Judge was probably attending law school in his attempt to successfully dodge the Vietnam War.

    • prove it

      Prove that the accused wasn’t some cook or motor pool flunky that wants the world to know that he served in Vietnam. My experience has been those that have nothing to prove, don’t try to prove it otherwise.

    • Smoke Alarm Guy

      So your comeback is taking a swipe at the Judge and making up your own facts, while not holding this man accountable? Viet Nam sucked, it was also a long time ago. Would you want him living next to your family knowing he’s unable/unwilling to control himself while having the ability to cause harm? Sometimes, accountability is needed.

    • district magistrates are clowns

      He’s a district magistrate. They are elected and don’t need any degree at all let alone a law degree. They’re usually ex-township cops or game wardens.

      • Just wondering

        In this case he graduated from ESU and Western New England School of Law, passed the bar in 1976, and still has a successful law firm. Also served in Harrisburg with the AG and PA Supreme Court. You, on the other hand have done – what – with your life?

  • Lock up the elderly veterans

    Don’t have a dissenting opinion or an old worn out brain. If this guy was in his 40’s? Maybe. But we all have old folks in our family that say crazy things. Did he even have legal representation? He should have been offered it before he was formally charged. It is too complex to offer citizens their rights it seems.


    DINGMANS FERRY — A man is locked up in Pike County on child pornography charges.
    State police arrested Seth McCooey, 27, of Dingmans Ferry Tuesday.
    Troopers say a family member turned in McCooey’s cell phone which contained 60 videos as well as images of children under the age of 13 engaged in sex acts.
    McCooey is locked up on $150,000 bail…………….
    71 year old makes dumb comment about his 44 mag to a judge that is out to prove something…………..
    = one sad judicial system

    • Constitutional amendments

      It’s still OK – you can pretty much say anything you want – even if you’re an idiot. You’re welcome.

  • Jimmyc

    Something seems fishy here it seems like he’s innocent to me, and he’s elderly, people change when they are old and say things they don’t literally mean .give a guy a break! And does that say Vietnam vet on his hat ?come on man!

    • gullible much?

      So what if his hat says ‘Vietnam’? Exactly what does that mean? Does that mean he gets a free pass on the laws the rest of us need to follow? Does that hat get him a free meal at Perkins on Veterans Day? If he’s a Veteran, he should know about honor and respect. Threats – hollow or real – are not honorable or respectful. Sounds like he’s got a big mouth with a small bank account.

    • It's a hat

      So that’s all it takes to get all you simple-minded people to bow down to someone – wearing a Vietnam Vet hat? Well then, I’m on the phone to Amazon right after I post this. I’m going to get a Vietnam AND Korea hat and have me some fun, and you people will still think I’m the greatest thing since Elvis.

  • We're All Being Scammed

    he just had the ba;;s to say what many people have wanted to say. Enough with these corrupt and power-stricken judges.

    • Flag DFW

      Then why don’t you say the same thing next time you have court for some minor offense?
      You’ll be in the same place he is.
      You’re nothing but a Keyboard Commando

    • are we?

      That’s funny. In my half-century plus on this earth, I’ve never been in front of a corrupt or power hungry judge. Maybe because that’s because I believe in staying out of trouble and following the law. Why is it that the people that have trouble with the law are always the ones that are breaking it?

      • mopar driver

        You don’t know much , Centre Co is controlled by corruption ( 5 Judges ! ) and I and family were attacked for reporting organized crime against the state and elderly by these criminals . What better place for criminals to operate than on the inside ?

      • You were attacked?

        Or it could be that you’re a delusional psychopath. One would never know that by reading your posts… 🙄 So, you and your family were attacked. Physically, verbally, mentally?

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