Luzerne County Medical Marijuana Facility Licensed to Open

EDWARDSVILLE -- The first medical marijuana dispensary in Luzerne County was given its license and permit on Wednesday.

Newswatch 16 got an inside look at Justice Grown Pennsylvania in Edwardsville. The place was given a license and permit for the first medical marijuana dispensary in Luzerne County.

"Elated, relieved, really excited to be able to be able to get the program rolled out in Luzerne County," said Abbe Kruger, CEO of Justice Grown Pennsylvania.

Kruger says about 2,200 people in the state have already been given the medical marijuana cards necessary to get it. She says the treatment is especially helpful for people living with epilepsy.

"Folks who are having 50, 60 seizures a day, not functional, physicians have written them off. Kids that can't go to school, who now, all of a sudden, have their lives back," Kruger said.

The dispensary will be open in mid-February but it won't be giving out any product until March. During that time, they'll be educating people about the uses of medical marijuana. They even have a consultation room in the building to help anyone who has questions.

"The pharmacist will come out and sit with you and talk to you about the program, help you find a physician if you need to get a physician in order, and help you register for the program if that's what's best for you," said general manager Jillian Rosser.

Security and privacy are top of mind at Justice Grown. You can't see inside the building from outside, but workers can see outside. On top of that, there's always a security guard on hand.

"Just for the safety of employees, patients, and all our neighbors, we have a multitude of cameras and motion detectors that let us know if anything has happened," said Rosser.

Justice Grown Pennsylvania will open its doors to the public on February 16.


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