Free Coffee at Wawa on Super Bowl Sunday

PHILADELPHIA- In support of the Eagles playing in the Super Bowl, Wawa is offering free coffee at each of its locations across Pennsylvania on Sunday. Customers can get any size coffee for free up until kickoff at 6:30 p.m.

Wawa is based in the Philadelphia area and its CEO says the company wants to celebrate the hometown team playing for a title.

“At Wawa, we’ve always had a special connection to the Philadelphia culture and its sports teams, and we get just as excited as our customers do when one of them is playing for a chance to win a championship,” said Wawa President and CEO Chris Gheysens.
In Northeastern Pennsylvania, Wawa has several locations in the Poconos.


  • Wade Lee Haron

    I think judging people who drink coffee on Super Bowl Sunday is a bit harsh and rude! There are many of us who ate unable to drink alcohol so we, my twin brother, Jade, and I, drink coffee instead. Furthermore, some of us travel various distances to go to somebody’s house so we stop at Speedway because there are no WaWa here in Flint, Michigan to grab coffee or cappuccino before going over to our younger brother’s house.

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