Concerns Over New Power Plant

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ARCHBALD -- A few dozen people gathered at Valley View High School Wednesday night in Archbald for a hearing on the power plant being built in Jessup.

Officials with the Department of Environmental Protection answered questions from the public about how the plant will affect the area's air quality.

The facility is slated to be up and running in the coming months.

People at the meeting raised concerns about the plant's emissions.

Community members have through next week to file concerns with their local lawmakers.


  • Renewable now

    Start using renewable energy and nuclear, not terrible fracking methods. We don’t need any more coal, oil, and gas in this area. People here are screwed up enough.

  • Who’s worse?

    I’m not sure who is more pathetic: The protesters concerned about air quality at a plant that uses NATURAL gas, or the goofy fembots in their pink hats saying they have no rights. Give it up already…

    • Renewable now

      Using natural gas certainly does not emit as many pollutants during burning as oil and coal, but the extraction methods are proving unfriendly to our environment.

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