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Taking a Page from Philly Police, Minnesota Woman Greases Bird Feeder to Stop Squirrels

DULUTH, Minn. -- Crisco might not have worked out for police in Philly, but it worked for one woman in Minnesota.

Susan Shold tweeted a video after she greased the pole to the bird feeder in her backyard in Duluth.

Shold says she was tired of the squirrels eating all her birdseed, so she adopted the Philadelphia police department's approach, which appears to be much more effective on squirrels than it was on celebrating Eagles fans.

Shold tells Newswatch 16 she is a Vikings fan though, so she likely will not be rooting for the Eagles this Sunday in Super Bowl LII.


    • Roflmao

      Squirrels are yummy! Don’t even need a knife to skin them out, just a snap at the hind legs, slide your finger in across pull, then peel like a banana! Add Grease to pan, and yum!

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