Snow Snarls Interstate 81 Traffic

LUZERNE COUNTY -- Traffic crawled along Interstate 81 northbound Tuesday morning as state police dealt with a tractor-trailer that had gone off the road near Nuangola. Drivers say all the snow and ice made things more difficult.

"They were getting kind of slick. The snow was starting to stick on the roads, and the temperature dropped pretty fast. Maybe too cold for the salt to melt it," said South Carolina resident Frank Sullivan.

But all this wintry weather won't stop Sullivan from getting to his destination.

"I'm going to Maine. My brother just had heart surgery, so I'm going to help take care of him and I'm going whether the bad weather is here or not."

People we spoke to say, especially in weather like this, one of the most important things you can do is keep your distance from other drivers.

"Just try to go with the flow of traffic and don't push it. Don't push anybody and take your time," said Travis Spink of New York.

PennDOT officials say they dedicate six plow trucks to the stretch of Interstate 81 between Avoca and Dorrance and by Tuesday afternoon, the roadways were pretty clear.


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