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Schuylkill County Home Lit up in Green for Eagles

ASHLAND -- A family in Schuylkill County has gone green to show support for its favorite team.

The McGurl family home in Ashland is decked out in Eagles green ahead of Super Bowl LII on Sunday.

Barry McGurl tells Newswatch 16 he and his son Brayden are life-long Eagles fans and spent hours transforming their house into everything Eagles.

"It's just a sense of unity. It just makes us want to believe even more that they're going to win this year," said Barry McGurl.

The McGurl family isn't done showing off its fandom just yet. Once the snow melts, they want to stencil a giant Eagle in their lawn.


  • Joe Momma

    These have to be some of the dumbest comments from some of the dumbest people I have ever read…half of that garbage doesn’t even make sense…education system failed you flunkies

  • The Butcher

    The comments on this are laughable, mostly written by jobless bottom feeding losers with free internet living in HUD housing…Keyboard warriors and trolls that watch the news waiting to see a picture of their relatives being busted for drugs and child porn…stick to what your good at leaching off the system…

    • Joe Crea

      Carl – you mean hang out at fire companies with tight sweatpants? She, however may look better than Butcher while doing it.

  • Votechwoodsman

    Some guy that goes by McGoo likes to hang out here. Not sure if there’s any relation. With all the old bricks from the mall the I-81 tent city and Vo-tech woods are going to have much nicer houses than the row homes in da skook

  • Wayne s

    While most of town is on H, meth or the bath salts. People care about 25 year old nfl players who never heard of Ashland pa. Needles and beer cans all over the side of road here. Lots of odd roamers and hitchhikers to.

    • Joe Crea

      Wayne – a little angry huh? You wouldn’t be saying that if we had a pro team in Pottsville now, would ya yo? Well we did….

      Maybe we should light up the Vo-tech woods in Eagles colors and the alleys of Mahanoy & Shen. in festive Eagles colors?

      How about the “Pottsville Roamers”, AFC Conference Champions?

      • WAYNE S

        I know most people in the skook are stuck in 1925, but in 2018 this place is full of perpetual nothingness, unless u are a street roamer, love bath salts, or are addicted to young boy sports.

      • Bent kneez

        Wayne – Y so angry? If you’re not happy – move out! Oh, but if you did, you wouldn’t be able to complain about us. You’d have to learn a new schtick with your new area.

    • skookamania2003

      it actually happened a few months ago in ashland, some totally stoned and drunk lady ran her car right into the sheriff’s house.

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