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Market Selling Super Bowl Sunday Cakes in Jim Thorpe

JIM THORPE -- Trays upon trays of vanilla cakes are stacked in the bakery section of 3 Kids Market and Eatery in Jim Thorpe. These mini footballs are a big seller for Super Bowl Sunday.

"They are small. They are individual in the shape of the footballs and covered with our ganache. Then we are piping mostly the stripes, the football stripes on the cake but some we have been doing Eagles," said owner Cris Bradley.

This sweet tradition actually started a few years ago, when bakers started making the football cakes for the Jim Thorpe football team. The sweet treats were a hit, so owners decided to make them for the Super Bowl.

Owner Cris Bradley says dozens of orders have been coming in and more are expected throughout this week.

Even though the cakes are small, it takes time to make each batch.

"It's a three-step process, so first we have to make the batter for the cakes, bake them off. They have to cool down. Then we cover them with the ganache which we make here as well. Once that is set up then we put the piping on top," said Bradley.

The owner says customers should have their orders placed by mid-week, to guarantee they are done in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Single footballs will also be available in the market's coolers on a first come, first served basis.


  • skookamania2003

    Not as much demand for cakes as used starter gear in the coal region of pa, since kmart closed at the skook mall, its real hard to get dog dirt stained eagles jerseys or penn state gear that is soiled. The street roamers like this look along with navy blue jogging pants and velcro shoes when beating feet between the row homes.

  • Healing Gardens

    I would rather shove knitting needles into my eye sockets than watch one NFL game, let alone the Stupidbowl.

    Eat the cakes and snacks? You bet……

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