Local Business Gives Employees Bonus From Savings on New Tax Reform Law

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Hundreds of companies across the country are giving out bonuses after the new tax reform was signed into law.

Big businesses like Apple and AT&T are among them, as is one business in Luzerne County.

Employees at Sundance Vacations in Wilkes-Barre Township said they have a reason to celebrate. The company decided to pass along some of its savings from the new tax reform law to its workers, like Valerie Burke.

“You could hear a roar of applause through the company, morale is definitely up,” Burke said.

The business will give each employee a bonus, totaling $125,000 over the next two months.

Chief Operating Officer Marvin Metzger said Sundance is already seeing a boost from other companies giving bonuses. Those employees are spending some of that money on vacations.

“The bonuses are having an impact already. We saw a 23% increase in our sales last week,” Metzger said.

Sundance Vacations employs about 245 people across northeastern Pennsylvania, and all of them are going to be getting this bonus.

Burke said she knows exactly where her bonus money is headed.

“Oh, 100% it's going on vacation spending. I mean, we work for a travel company so it's the best thing in the world to travel. We're absolutely going to do that in my house,” Burke said.

Sundance Vacations hopes all the bonus money and improving economy keeps people coming back to book trips.


  • Jane Dose

    Sundance vacations is the biggest scam in our area!! They scammed my husband and I a few years ago and we’ve been fighting ever since to get out of it. It has cost us thousands! Great to see where our money is going! “Here’s a bonus to everyone that steals from our community today” Thanks!

  • Kenneth

    I’m not a Trump fan. I am very supportive of his efforts to tackle tax reform. I don’t think a tax cut will make a big difference. A tax cut is a short term infusion of cash into the economy. It’s great to get a one time bonus, but not so great to see taxes increase exponentially 10 years down the road. The bonus money will be long gone by then. I want to see sustained wage increases. I don’t want to see corporations buying back stock to pay down existing debt. I want to see businesses selling goods in the United States forced to manufacture their goods in the United States. Imagine if we took lessons learned from NAFTA and developed a new trade deal requiring corporations to commit to paying foreign workers a wage that matches a wage earned by an American worker. If they couldn’t commit, then a hefty import tariff would be applied to their product. Eventually, you would see manufacturing return to the United States. That’s fair trade.

    • YES

      Exactly! It would also be nice if the brand name companies making clothes and selling them for $100 a piece paid their international workers more than pennies.

  • Won't be long now!!!

    How many hundreds of thousands of companies in the US and you clowns are gloating over a couple or so hundred piddly companies throwing a few crumbs to their employees. Please get a grip. I work for the largest wealthiest privately held corporation in the world already making billions in profit and Trump this just handed them a few more billions in welfare at my expense and yours too and all I’ve gotten is a chocolate bar and a bag of rock salt. Spare me.

    • Carl Brutananadilewski

      Yes, thank for a one time bonus instead of a raise. I just need money now, I doubt i’d need more next year.

  • E3zt

    You won’t see Geisinger give their employees bonuses….they are run by a bunch of California, left wing liberal dirt bags that love to drive their cooperate boot heal into the back of the necks of their employees at every chance they get and take take take!!!

    • Miss Boyle Fifth Grade English

      Why would (and could) Geisinger give bonuses? They are a 501(c)3 (for all you intelligent NEPA-nese, that means not for profit). Please (and I’m waiting for this one), explain to me how are are going to benefit from the new tax law?

      • DinoB325

        Um, teach, the article was one example. Do your research and you will find 100’s of companies are doing this. A friend of mine got a $1500 bonus. I know its hard for all you anti-Trumpers to accept this, but it is what it is, $$$$ going back to the working class…for once!

      • Miss Boyle Fifth Grade English

        I did Dino, I’m referring to the person who made the comment about Geisinger–get the point now. Duh?

  • Coraline

    Sundance Vacations is a scam. They practice shady business and harass your home for years even after telling them to stop. You’re advertising for a fraud company that had to change their name from Dowd marketing to Sundance Vacations because of their poor business practices. Shame on you.

  • FracingA

    How bout Fortune500 Procter & Gamble? They should be role models for giving back to their employees. All quiet so far…

    • Good observation.

      You are right. A lot of businesses medium to large are giving employees raises and or bonuses. I think the ones that are not should be called out. I think after 2018 there will be another influx of raises and bonuses when these companies can actually see the difference in numbers and taxes owed. I hope P&G does what is right.

  • sad

    I’ve worked at a local hospital for over 5 years and the only bonus we get is under a quarter each year….shove it up your A**

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