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Bookkeeper Convicted of Theft Sent to Prison

SCRANTON -- A woman convicted of stealing half a million dollars from two convenience stores in Lackawanna County learned her punishment Tuesday morning.

A judge sentenced Sheila Bronson to six and a half to 13 years in prison.

Bronson was found guilty of stealing $500,000 from Cousin's Convenient Marts in Jessup and Eynon while she was the bookkeeper for the businesses.

Bronson must also pay back the money she stole.


  • Bill Knarck

    The convenience stores sound like they’re part of a mom-and-pop company with no periodic audits. The probably trusted her because “Oh that’s Sheila. She’s a good person. Goes to Church and all.” NO, the rule is “trust but verify” and verification is done via regular, independent audits. The company certainly has some of the blame for allowing this amount of money to be lost before raising a red flag.

  • laura

    jail time if you steal from a business but probation for stealing from a fire or ambulance association? stealing from the fire or ambulance affects more people. you’d think it would deserve the stiffer penalty

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