Big Price Tag for Renovations at Williamsport City Hall

WILLIAMSPORT -- One city in Lycoming County has a $5 million problem but only about $450,000 to spend on it.

Williamsport City Hall needs upgrades, and now it's up to its finance committee to figure out how to pay for necessary improvements.

"We realize we are in a historical building. It's an incredible building, but like any old buildings, the infrastructure needs a lot of repairs at this point," Bonnie Katz said.

Before the city will see any changes, Bonnie Katz and the rest of the city's finance committee are going to have to make some decisions inside City Hall on West Fourth Street.

Mayor Gabe Campana brought his own to-do list to a finance committee meeting, showing this group what needs to be fixed at City Hall, including things like repairs to the roof, a new air conditioning and heating unit, and improved security.

"To do everything and to do it 100 percent, we're looking at $5 million," said Adam Winder, streets department.

"We can't do that. We don't have the monies to do that," the mayor said.

"It always boils down the to the dollar, and nobody has the money right now," said Katz.

Right now, the city has about $450,000 in the budget for repairs.

"We have to take our priorities here, our list, and whittle away a bit of everything we can possibly do in this building to maintain it," Katz added.

Most of the finance committee could agree that one of the first changes to the building should include access to the building. The only wheelchair-accessible ramp at City Hall leads into the police department. Visitors need a police escort to get anywhere else in the building.

"They come here for a meeting or whatever and they have a timeline and they don't anticipate being held up by the secure doors and waiting for an officer to let them through," Winder said.

"With the handicapped and the safety issue, that in itself will eat up most of that budget," Katz said.

The city is working to apply for state grant money that could help with upgrades. Work on improvements may begin as early as this year.


  • Granny

    Handle it like Montoursville did with their high school, tear it down and build a new one! Who care about it’s history snd beauty.

    • MAHS Alum and Willpo Resident

      The highschool wasnt historical like city hall. The HS was a run down crap show in the so called historic part. Plus the HS had foundation and other structural issues, hvac issues, and man others. The school wasnt worth saving. City hall is.

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