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Agents Raid Doctor’s Office in Scranton

SCRANTON -- Federal agents raided a doctor's office for most of the day in Scranton.

Agents with Drug Enforcement Agency were seen hauling numerous boxes out of Dr. Kurt Moran's office on Green Ridge Street in north Scranton.

Box after box was trucked out of the office after agents from the DEA raided the place. The federal agents say they were serving a search warrant for Dr. Moran's patient files but would not go into further detail. The boxes were packed into a truck and hauled away.

One man who came out to the office said he's been a patient of Dr. Moran's for several years and had an appointment scheduled for the afternoon.

“I have real bad back injuries and everything else. He’s a good doctor to me. He treats me fair and everything else on that, you know what I mean?”

Dr. Moran's website shows his practice specializes in pain management and that he runs the Moran Pain Clinic.

None of the workers at his office would comment.

Workers at other businesses in the plaza said they don't know Moran but definitely noticed all the police activity.

“Cop cars everywhere,” said Laurie Brislin, owner of Shear Magic Hair Salon.

“I came in at 9 a.m. and all the cops were already here by the time I got here,” said Alfredo Ramos, who works at Accurate Locksmith.

"Just a parking lot full of many, many cars, tinted windows, police, all different agencies, DEA,” said Julie Maus, owner of Julie’s Nails. “I guess until I know exactly what it's about, I'm not going to be overly concerned. Obviously, there's something going on that we should be concerned about possibly.”

“I did see a few boxes coming out but I'm like they have a box truck so they're taking a lot of stuff out of there,” said Ramos. “Something has to be going on, they're not going to be spending all that energy for nothing.”

The DEA agents said any information on today's raid would come from the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The U.S. Attorney's Office had no comment at this time.


  • co

    well i was a former patient, he was a very good dr.never had issues with him or his staff.he never pushed pills.while i was going to him.

    • TJ

      Yes! Talk about a blast from the past. He prescribed my cousin diet pills. AKA speed. She dropped weight like crazy. Had boundless energy. I never heard of him prescribing anything else though

  • Matthew

    Just another knee-jerk reaction by our government. I heard nothing but good things about Dr Moran. He was probably looking out for his patients. As someone who has chronic back injuries and pain, this has been terrible. Because the government completely failed to get ahold of it’s heroin epidemic, it’s punishing everyone.

    • close down the pill mills

      The simple fact that out of all the physicians out there the feds raid but a few should be telling in of itself. You’re being naïve.

    • sudznwicks

      You are absolutely right. People who don’t have chronic pain, haven’t got a clue. My dr was arrested after a 2 year investigation by the DEA. Such horrible investigation what does a Agent know about medicine? We have lost the right to good medical care because they can’t stop the illegal stuff. And please stop with the bs the start on pain meds crap. Everyday it’s used in surgeries and injuries, the junk behaviors are on the junkies where it belongs. All I can say is find a new dr asap. Sadly if you tell them you’re a former patient, you will be refused. From someone who lost their doctor of 35 years

    • TJ

      They hardly push pills on you. Actually the opposite is true. They do cut your pain medicine as much as possible to keep you out of pain but not taking too much. Think before you speak. Obviously you’re not a patient of Dr. Moran. They try everything they can to keep you out of pain and it’s not just meds. Injections, PT, chiropractors, etc. Not everyone that is in Pain Management needs or wants or gets pain medicine.

  • Colorado or bust

    I’m getting so sore, cant take it no more
    is their really marijanua stuff that doesnt make you funny & just takes the pain away?
    saw the group of seinor citizens on the Doctors show & tried it for the first time on a bus, they looked like they found the fountain of youth, something that they were lied to throughout their whole lifes
    they were happy and no longer needed to take their pills

    and if you O.D. on it you just have a bad trip you don’t need narcon

    • TJ

      There are only a few doctors in the area able to prescribe medical marijuana. But many are trying to become certified. No, it does not get you high. And from what I’ve heard it does work and is available in many forms. However, insurance doesn’t cover it. It is not something you would overdose on. It may be in a cream form, etc. Good luck with your problem.

  • Flabbergasted

    It’s about time! I worked in a pharmacy for years and witnessed the abuse and unprofessionalism of his office. I just wish it happened sooner then maybe we would have less addicts around. Now I’m just wondering where the addicts are going to go now.

      • Flabbergasted

        They don’t just investigate doctors for no reason. Obviously he was reported hence the investigation. It’s my understanding they have been watching him for awhile now. I am not a law major so I’m not sure why it took this long but there must be a reason for it. Oh well, I hope all involved get prosecuted to the full extent they deserve.

      • TJ

        Report him for what? Writing out prescriptions for pain medicine? Incase you missed it, he is a pain doctor. Just like a pulmonary doctor would write scripts out for inhalers.

      • Jane Dose

        Yes, I have heard that Dr.s name a million times when it comes to open prescribing! I don’t know who he is, but when I was in college it seemed everyone knew his name. I really hope that he is shut down next!!!!

  • ReeferMadness

    Wow, Kurt Moran getting popped… again. I’m shocked. He had to stop accepting patients for pain management the last time he got caught, I’m guessing his current patients were getting whatever they requested; or he paid no mind to his punishment. Either way, I call it natural selection, survival of the fittest… but, I guess the DEA wants to put a stop to it.

    • Suzy

      Well Mr reject I guess he was smart enough and they found nothing illegal the supposed first time , so no worries they will find he has done nothing illegal and will be back in office very shortly, if not tomorrow 😘

    • Justme

      yeah these people know a lot more than Channel 16 the comment section is where I go to get all my news especially when it pertains to pill Mills obviously

      • TJ

        No, they don’t. Nasty people are spreading nasty rumors. Listen to what his CURRENT patients say. The ones spreading nasty rumors are most likely former patients who were released from Pain Management because they can’t play by the rules. They’ll be jamming needles into their arms as soon as they sell their grandmother’s jewelry and the computer or phone that they’re using.

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