Trooper Wounded in Highway Shootout Invited to State of the Union Address

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A Pennsylvania state trooper wounded in a shootout has an invitation to President Trump's State of the Union address.

Cpl. Seth Kelly is the guest of Congressman Tom Marino, according to Marino's chief of staff.

Kelly is from Wayne County, which is part of Marino's 10th District.

Kelly was wounded during a traffic stop along Route 33 near Nazareth back in November. He spent nearly a month in a hospital.

Another trooper returned fire and wounded the suspect, who is now locked up in the Lehigh Valley.


      • AL

        What the man said is the truth. The thug would have been invited, and made out to be a hero/victim. Thank the lord that douche bag is no longer in office.

    • Coal4lif

      Al, that “douche bag” is 10 times the human you Pennsyltucky slime will ever be. You know that. And that is what drives your obsessive hatred for him.

      • FracingA

        ^^^ All kinds of SnowFlakes in NEPA this mornin’ ay. Obama will go down in history as one of da worst presidents ever. This has nothing to do w/race, he was just terrible on all fronts. From the “Redistribution of Wealth” aka ObamaCare to the Racism that exists now more than ever all ignited by this one man.

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