No Tuition Increases at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- While touring the campus of East Stroudsburg University, a group of potential students learned more than just the lay of the land. They learned about a new initiative that will help them financially -- no tuition increases for their first four years.

"I think it's good for my parents and myself to be able to know that it's cheaper and that it won't go up a lot," said Taylor Barkman, West Chester.

The "Warrior Promise" guarantees a fixed, four-year tuition rate for new students enrolling this fall.  Current students can also opt in.

ESU is the first public university in Pennsylvania to provide its students with this assurance.

Parents say it makes the campus more appealing.

"I think it's a great idea to say you're locked in at a certain price, starting your freshman year and able to do that through senior year. It's great for planning purposes, for parents, for students who might be paying their own tuition. I think it's a great, great thing," said Kristie Barkman, West Chester.

This fixed tuition rate will allow students to complete as many undergraduate degrees, minors, and certificates as they choose, during their four years at the university.

David Bousquet is the vice president for Enrollment Management.

He says the "Warrior Promise" puts financial stresses aside and allows the student to focus on learning.

"It's incredible just knowing when your son or daughter goes off to college that their tuition will not go up is huge. Having the assurance that it will not go up, being able to provide or to budget properly provides tremendous assurance to parents. It's great," said David Bousquet, ESU Vice President for Enrollment Management.

The Board of Governors will select the tuition rate each year.

The tuition rate for this fall is scheduled to be announced in July.

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