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Nanticoke Man Accused of Sexual Assault of a Child

NANTICOKE -- A man is facing charges after police say he sexually assaulted a girl over a 7-year period.

Jason Buchanan, 36, of Nanticoke, was arrested over the weekend and charged with sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault of a child, and several other charges.

The victim tells police the rape occurred from the age of 8 until she turned 15, in one instance resulting in a terminated pregnancy.


  • seen it all

    So why wasn’t this found with the abortion ? Whom was involved in helping this pedophile ? Someone states this creep is “married” with kids- Nanticoke is sickness !!!

    • Cowboy

      Only time you’ll hear from wolf is if a TAX is involved. He makes over $180.000.00 year just saying tax this, tax that and so on.

  • Cowboy

    Eight states allow surgical castration of sex offenders.
    Why isn’t Pennsylvania one?
    Seven years this poor girl went through HELL!
    Hell, you could be on death row in this state and live a full life in jail.
    35 years later, mass murderer George Banks remains on death row.
    13 people he killed.
    Sex offenders will get off light.
    This guy needs to be put out of his misery and or castration.

  • Ever notice?

    Ever notice on any news article with guns involved Archie Beal foams at the mouth and wants to disarm everyone, but if there’s a sexual assault-crickets… Could it be that Archie condone their actions, or maybe is one of them?

  • Ashlandtoughguy

    Oh man this makes me mad. Growing up in my town was weird the way the older guys would always be looking at us. I challenged them to wrestle and I usually won! I’m the toughest guy to ever live in Ashland. Better keep driving when I’m standing on the street corner.

    • Straight up USA joke

      By you challenging them to wrestling matches you gave them exactly what they wanted . Now you’re the guy wrestling the little boys in the neighborhood aren’t you?

      • Ashlandtoughguy

        Oh, you sound like you think you could take me down! LOL, I don’t think so. I take creatine buddy. You never messed with someone from Ashland before let alone the toughest guy in Ashland.

  • joe

    “in one instance resulting in a terminated pregnancy.”
    WHERE ARE HER PARENTS ??????????????

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