Movie Theater Demolition Underway

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- All that remains of the former movie theater at the Pocono Bazaar Flea Market near Marshalls Creek is a couple of steel beams and a lot of debris.

Six months after flames destroyed the place in Middle Smithfield Township, the mess is being cleared.

"Yeah, I just came by to see what they were doing. They have some progress going on and that is good," said Frank Riccardi, Stroudsburg.

The fire destroyed the movie theater and a few shops.

Middle Smithfield Township officials say the cleanup holdup was due to waiting on insurance companies.

Residents say this work is long overdue.

"I felt for safety reasons and measures, it should have been done quickly. But being that Pennsylvania is Pennsylvania, it's not New York where you're so used to everything moving so quickly and I didn't and I was really surprised by that," said Pecolia Auza, Bushkill Falls.

People we spoke to say this marketplace is very important to the community and the hope is to have another movie theater built once this one is torn down.

"I mean this is something that should be saved in this area. We depend on this one, the weekends on nice summer days, to come here and be with the family. It was a great thing for the young kids to go to instead of going all the way into Stroudsburg," said Auza.

Township officials say they are actively talking to movie theater companies to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing the lot.

Frank Riccardi from Stroudsburg says he hopes whatever takes its place, is something families can enjoy.

"They don't have nothing around here especially for children. So by having maybe even new restaurants or something like that, it would help the neighborhood and the community," said Riccardi.

Township officials say demolition is scheduled to take a few weeks.