Lottery Winner in Pottsville

POTTSVILLE — Someone hit the jackpot with a Pennsylvania Lottery ticket sold in Schuylkill County.

A progressive top prize-winning ticket worth $122,731 for the Pennsylvania Lottery’s “Ca$h In” game was sold at WHEEL Restaurant in Pottsville on Sunday.

“Ca$h In” is a $5 Fast Play game that offers progressive top prizes starting at $45,000.

Watch the daily drawings of the Pennsylvania Lottery on WNEP-TV.


  • Ashlandtoughguy

    LOL, no one in Pottsville would ever beat me arm wrestling. My wrestling coach always told me how strong I am.

  • skookamania2003

    party out the vo tech woods. u bring the salts ill bring the natty ice keg. make sure to wear a stained psu sweatshirt,.

  • Skooklecounty’sidol

    this guy is probably going to have the best seat at the high school football games next season. Butt.

  • Missjudy

    This is going to throw shine on the grilled cheese market in Pottsville. Millennials love grilled cheese sandwiches and Pottsville street roamers. You can park cars with your I-phone but millenials don’t drive since Pottsville is life. Yuengling, grilled cheese, and pedo dreams in Schuylkill County seat.

    • Joe Crea

      Hell Wayne – you could probably buy a whole square for that price. Could you imagine all the trouble me and Bill Clinton yo, could get into with that kind of trouble. Really sexy trouble. Heck, I’d even pay the firemen for a ride on their trucks with the siren blaring with just my jemovies and fire boots on. “You have the right to remain sexy” I’d prolly hear afterlaters yo.

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