Demolition Begins on Schuylkill Mall, Plans Announced for Future Buildings

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NEW CASTLE TOWNSHIP -- Demolition has begun on the Schuylkill Mall. The mall announced it was closing last May.

"We were waiting for that," Frank Koback of Barnesville said. "We've been trying to watch to see when it was going to happen."

Demolition on the Schuylkill Mall began a few weeks ago.

"It's a shame that they're tearing down the mall and everything," Albert Victor of Shenandoah said. "It's a shame that they're doing that."

The demolition is making people in the area miss what was once their main shopping hub.

"It was bad, especially when Kmart and Sears went under," Koback said. "To have two main stores go under at the same time, that really hurt the mall."

While many people in the area are sad about the mall being demolished, county leaders said that bigger and better things are on the horizon.

The chairman of the Schuylkill County Board of Commissioners George Halcovage tells Newswatch 16 the company that owns the mall property, Northpoint Development, plans to build two large buildings in the space.

"They're going to be manufacturing," Halcovage said. "They're going to be storage warehousing at this point."

Halcovage said Northpoint is working to get companies to move into the new buildings. He is confident that in the long run, the new plans for the mall will benefit lots of people in the area in more ways than one by bringing more business to downtown shops and adding jobs to the area.

"The buildings, alone, we're looking at approximately $73 million and the number of jobs that this will create in this area," Halcovage said.

County leaders said it will take about six months to demolish the mall and that crews will begin constructing the new buildings even as they are tearing down the mall building.


  • Dennis Umphrey

    Not to worry all that revitalization of clean coal mining will bring back Schuylkill Country, all we need is becomes friends with the North Korean’s they are the only country that can afford the clean coal!

  • Fattystools

    Bring on more distribution centers that pay $13 an hour that they won’t be able to staff, because not a soul will be able to pass the drug test,let alone give up all the government “assistance” that getting that job would eliminate.

    • Wayne s

      I recall when Wal-Mart distribution was being built In highridge it was 100 illegals who were the ones building it. always shady dealings in these parts.

    • Hillarysupporter

      Wasn’t that land deal a big scam for someone’s personal profit? Highridge Robbery I recall hearing…

  • Hillarysupporter

    I think Trump is trying to bury Schuylkill County. He hates the less fortunate and remedial people. Therefore, I am planning on starting a donations drive for the poor residents of Schuylkill County. If you live there, you will qualify to receive the donations. Donors can offer bath/shower accommodations to clean so many dirty people, sweatpants and sports jackets to clothe them, and grilled cheeses to feed them. Please please donate. These people need your help! #helpthepoorthatcan’thelpthemselves

  • skookamania2003

    Sedco is gonna bring the right companies in here. This is a great area. I mean the skook mall couldnt even support doodles or starhawk anymore. What are they gonna manufacture up the mall. Bath salts?

    • Joe Crea

      Me – meh – I could care less. I just can’t wait to hear that fire whistle and hear all of the sirens. I love fire engines! Oh boy! I want to ride on a fire truck with the sexy hunk local volunteer firemen. My fave would be the Columbia Hose Co. with my captains helmet (my shiny helmet). I live for it. I like the flashing lights too. Oh boy! Lets get that ladder up!

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