Yoga with Your Dog

KINGSTON -- Some people in Luzerne County took "downward dog" quite literally.

Home Yoga and Barre teamed up with Three Dog Bakery for a "Doga" event in Kingston Sunday.

Doga (pronounced doe-ga) is just like traditional yoga but with your canine friend's support.

Those who attended the event had the chance to exercise with their pooch while raising money for Laura's Hope Rescue, a nonprofit dog rescue.

"It's very relaxing for the dogs. It also helps to create more of a bond between the owner and the dog, and we also do a little bit of massage with the dogs and give them oil to help calm them," said Jenifer Brilla, with Home Yoga and Barre.

Organizers asked for a $10 donation, which will go to Laura's Hope Rescue.


  • Lloyd Schmucattelli

    What is it with all this pet worship anymore?

    It’s a freakin dog!!!

    Liberalism is a cancer and must be stopped.

    • Cowboy

      Our one cat must be liberal.
      He see a dog and the fur goes up on his back, tail gets bushy, starts snarling, spitting and jumps at the door or window trying to get out at any dog that walks by.
      I love my cat!

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