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1 Dead, 2 Wounded Following Standoff in Luzerne County

FOSTER TOWNSHIP -- A woman is dead, and her mother and boyfriend are hospitalized after a standoff in Luzerne County.

State police say someone called 911 after receiving a call from a friend that "something bad had happened" to his girlfriend.

Butler Township police along with state police responded to a home on Spring Street in Foster Township near Freeland.

"Upon going to the residence, they went to the door. They heard a female yelling for help. The information they obtained was he may have a weapon. They backed off, set up a perimeter, and contacted our SERT team, a Special Emergency Response Team," said Trooper Anthony Petroski, Pennsylvania State Police.

The state police Special Emergency Response Team was outside the home for at least two hours on Sunday before going into the home.

As the police presence grew, officers blocked off the neighborhood. People were warned to stay in their homes as negotiators tried to get the man to surrender. They couldn't, so they went into the home.

Once inside, state police say they found a 46-year-old woman shot to death. Police say her 51-year-old boyfriend shot himself, and her 72-year-old mother had a head injury.

Police say the two injured were flown to Geisinger Wyoming Valley. Authorities have not released their names or the severity of their injuries.


    • Something isn't right....

      I wondered the same but then thought that she was probably already deceased and it was her mother yelling for help. Sound like everything had happened before the police arrived which is why he called to say “something bad happened to his girlfriend.” I figured she was already dead at that point.

    • A family friend

      Listen here seen it all. Seen it all, like did someone in your family get murdered? Shame on you!! For you crappy comment. If something like this happened to your family you’d want some compassion, not a disgusting joke. You sir are a joke. Just remember karma, karma is a *itch.
      You looser!! Your family should be proud of you as your mother I’m sure didn’t raise you that way. By making a joke about a woman who people loved was MURDERED!!! Hey WNEP why aren’t you removing comments like this? This man is a troll and shouldn’t allow to post here anymore!!

      • Long time loving friend

        Well said!! This writer has no soul!!! I do hope you do not have to take one step in this loving family’s steps foryour sake!! Kind loving people, he whole family

  • Teddy

    The graffiti on the 1st overpass, 30 yrs ago,when you came across the bridge from nj said: welcome to the occupied west bank…

  • Hugh

    Fantastic that only one death every 10 years occurs by gunshot in rural PA, yet some panic and want to move out. Viva Trump and the new concealed carry permit law passed by the house and awaits vote in the Senate.
    Let Mitch McConnell know how badly this law is needed for us traveling to the wild wild cities “shoot em up” cities where only the crooks have guns.

    • Evil Everywhere

      My you HAVE been living in a box haven’t you? Been here 10 years and have heard of alot more than one shooting.

    • Givemeabreak

      Like you have ever left the woods of NEPA. I spent years in big cities throughout the country. Never needed a gun. Not once did I ever have a problem. Usually it’s people with mouth or attitude problems that need guns to protect themselves.

    • Yep

      The more shocking story would read as follows- ” No criminal incidents in Luzerne county today, we all finally got along for one day!”

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