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Safety Drill Held in Lackawanna County to Prepare for Active Shooter Incidents

BLAKELY -- Folks came together to practice a safety drill in the event of a mass or active shooter incident in Lackawanna County.

Task Force 1, a nationwide emergency training company, held the event in Blakely to prepare people in case of a mass violence incident.

The event had over 350 attendees including first responders, church leaders and school and daycare workers.

Instructors at the event say one of their biggest warnings is that an active shooter situation can happen anywhere.

"This is all about making a difference and really not having to change your lifestyle because you're worried about a terrorist or a shooter. It's like no, I'm not going to let that happen. We're going to do what we do but we're going to be diligent," said Ronald Richards, Task Force 1 President.

For more information or to sign up for their next event, head on over to Task Force 1's website.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    You’ll be fine folks.

    There’s a 0.000000000001% chance of it ever happening to you.

    What about lightning strike avoidance training? Falling rock dodging class? Slip and fall recovery program?

    Don’t buy into the hype and fear.

    The real thing to fear here is how much you’re paying for these classes!

  • Feel good bulchit

    More ways to waste tax dollars on feel good stuff. If you are not prepared right now for problem involving violence, then a event/scenario/seminar/speech will not help you. You will either survive or perish. Done! Now pay me a lot of money. The fool that invited this group of thieves into Lackawanna county should be removed or fired.


    Training and arming teachers is a good start. With the world today, and these shootings happening where NO one would ever think, I, myself, would feel better knowing my child had someone watching their back.

    • Cowboy

      Bad idea arming teachers!
      Another school tax hike for that. Get rid of the lunch, have kids bring their own lunch. Use that saved money to hire armed security officers.
      Or have the parents responsible. Bad up upbringing, problems at home. Something makes the kid snap.

      • TRKRGR

        Then allow the ones that conceal carry, to carry. No tax hike. And hiring a security guard (tax hike) who is an obvious target, and who can only be in one spot at one time, is not as good as prepared citizens/teachers through out the school to protect more than one class of students at one time.

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