Community Stunned After Fire Destroys Bradford County Business

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- Tears were shed outside the Endless Supply Company that sits along Route 6 in Wysox.

Small flames still burned and smoke billowed into the sky at the store near Towanda.

"You know you can't put it into words. You don't think something like this would ever happen," said Sabrina Taylor, You Too Animal Rescue.

Sabrina Taylor is a member of You Too Animal Rescue based in Dushore.

Taylor says Endless Supply Store housed 16 of their cats.

The store had at least two dogs along with other birds, snakes and fish. All perished when the fire broke out and the roof collapsed Friday night.

"You know you're here yesterday petting the cats and feeding them and then this happens."

Firefighters worked to put out the remaining flames.

They had to use heavy equipment to eliminate the hot spots.

Amid the broken wood and twisted metal, people came out to look at the damage. They told Newswatch 16 the store was a staple of the community.

"It was, wow, like I spent a lot of money there between FR clothing, food for the animals, archery supplies. It's a shocker," said Todd Putnam of Towanda.

"It was just an amazing place. It really is hard to believe it's gone," said Melissa Chapman of Rome.

Fire officials say the fire at the Endless Supply is still under investigation as they try to determine what started the fire.


  • Very sad

    Ive been in the place a few times these animals that passed had really bad pasts and this just made me break down and cry bc I really love animals and I was hoping to get a job there as soon as I graduated. Some people just don’t have the heart do animals the way others do rip animals… I hope they are able to build another animal centerlike that soon….

  • For heaven's sake

    I was there many times and each time the animals were in clean cages with food and water they were let out to play each day by no means we’re they mistreated these innocent animals perished and a family lost their source of income it’s a sucky situation all around

  • HM


  • Sheryl miller

    I honestly feel sorry for anybody who says basically says get over it they were only animals. You will never truly know what the hell unconditional love is. No changing a selfish uncaring ignorant so called human being. RIP…sweet babies. Prayers for those who are most affected by this loss. Love….whether 2 legged or 4 is priceless! Many thanks to our first responders for their selfless acts of courage they give also unconditionally.

    • Sick of insensitive people

      They may have only been animals but they are important too how would you like to of felt the pain each one of those defenseless creatures felt as they were burning alive have some god dam respect people enough negative comments have some respect

    • Granger

      Have some decency. They were innocent animals. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. They were left in a cage to die a horrific death. I hope you never ever own a pet with your attitude that they’re disposable.

    • /r

      Can’t stand people like you. Your tiny mind can’t comprehend people caring about more than one thing. Caring for animals and humans aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • Athens

      My understanding is they were grandfathered in and the place had no sprinklers. Then again I also swore I heard they were thinking about closing too…

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