Students, Parents Concerned Over Possible Elementary School Closures in Lycoming County

LYCOMING COUNTY -- It's report card day at Salladasburg Elementary and that means the students get out early.

"Today we watched Nut Job at our school. Some other kids watched some other movies and we had popcorn," said a second-grade student, Bella Hensler.

Bella Hensler and her brother Jackson might not go to this school for much longer.

By next year,  Salladasburg and Avis Elementary Schools could be closed for good.

Jersey Shore Area School District is expected to face a $2.2 million deficit in next year's budget.

The closures could save the district about $1.2 million.

"It makes me feel sad because my school is like really awesome and I don't want to go to a different school," said Hensler.

"If they close these two and they still are in a bad stop financially, what are they going to do next?" said Michelle Hensler, Bella's mom.

Parents like Michelle Hensler are looking for other options to close the budget gap but so is the school district.

At a community meeting this week, the district suggested other options like a wage freeze for all school staff. The idea could save the district nearly $500,000.

"If they go through with it, she'll be home-schooled," said Joulette Allen of Larryville.

The school closures would also include a reconfiguration of the other district buildings.

All students in kindergarten through second grade would go to Jersey Shore Elementary.

The middle school would hold grades three through six and a secondary academy would be housed in the high school building for grades seven through 12.

"I don't want my 11-year-old daughter going to school with 18-year olds," said Allen.

"That's a little scary but more than anything, I think my kids are worried about the transition and losing some of their friends and the teachers they've grown to know and love," said another parent.

Jersey Shore Area School District issued a statement Friday stating, "The district administration and board of directors are considering all options presented. The administration sees the reconfiguration of the district as a way to bring equity and opportunity for an even greater Jersey Shore Area School District."

The school board could vote on the school closings as early as late April.


  • Truth be told

    Cyber School Folks ! Whether you want to love it or hate it people, Cyber School has put these Brick and Mortar Schools out of business ! Many Parents have decided not to send their kids to Public School to be Bullied or to feel like an outkast, not accepted b the so called COOL Peers and Teachers pets ! And with all the thugs that migrated to these towns, they also Cyber School their kids to keep them as safe as can be from the thugs in the Districts….

    So what is the #1 Question parents are asked if their kid goes to Cyber School ? What about Socialization ? Oh yeah, tell me about Socialization, dope, drinking parties, getting beat up, or bullied, and IF you really do find one friend, and the teachers see that, they make damn sure next year you will not even be in the same class anywhere…..

    Unless your a Brainiac, Jock, or just to cool period, then you may want to be Cyber Schooled, and from the looks of these shrinkin Districts, Williamsport, Jersey Shore, and many others, I think quite a bit of kids have hed enough with the socialization they were getting at Public School

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