String of Arsons Has Neighbors on Edge in Schuylkill County

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Along Sawmill Road in Washington Township, smoke still emanates from a burnt down barn that authorities say was intentionally set on fire during the early hours of Monday morning.

This is just one of seven arson cases since November at these locations that state police are investigating spanning Pine Grove, Washington and Reilly Townships.

Rashanna Daubert lives just feet away from the barn and recalls the moments leading up to that fire.

"I instantly got up and yelled to my husband, 'Call 911, there's a fire right across the street.' Because of all the trees and the mountain right here, I thought for sure that the fire was going to catch on our side of the road and it was going to get our house. I was ready to grab the cats and get out of the house,"  said Rashanna Daubert of Washington Township.

In nearby Pine Grove Township, a vacant house was also set on fire in early December. Neighbors say the flames were so large, the fire could be seen from up the road.

"Living in the country, we don't hear much commotion like sirens or anything going on, so it was definitely shocking that night. It was really scary," said Brandon Clark of Pine Grove Township

As smoke rises from the rubble, so too do the concerns of residents in the area, who have seen these string of arsons happen the last few months.

"They were right here, they were right across from our house and so it kinda freaks me out. I know they're only doing abandoned barns, but it's scary," said Daubert.

"It could be my house. You never know, it could be someone living in there. They're all abandoned houses, but what if it was someone, who was actually living in that house, putting their lives at risk?" said Clark.

Fire officials would not tell Newswatch 16 if the arsons are connected and have not named a person or persons of interest but say their investigation continues.


  • Lost my d*** at the motel 6

    Yep. Cesspool. Blue Mountain and Minersville are paying city style property taxes with no real benefits. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, roads are garbage. If you aren’t related to somebody on the council, you will get fines for high grass during a rainy week while buildings up the strret are obvious drug dens. Can’t take a two hundred dollar day off of work for 25 bux. Sounds like the whole area is dealing wit it

  • Dodie

    Its a total dump. The only ones who stay are lazy teachers who pray for snow days or are stuck in THEIR high school sports GLORY. then there is the nepotism JOBS who are made up of state and county workers. While the place falls apart and taxes rise. Laughable dump!!!

  • Consequence

    That whole county has corrupt local government members that really need to be looked at. The arsonist is probably related to one of them. Shendo Splinters, malls closing, shooting people in the dick, bath salt burglars, sinkholes, and arsons? Did they target the working class people until they left because the druggies won’t pay the money?

      • Consequence

        It is the only thing that makes sense. You can buy a house in Shendo for three grand, but it has fifteen grand worth of liens on it and needs twenty grand in repairs. It seems like most of the workforce up and left while the old people are passing away if you look at the census stats. It is a mini Detroit. And so the real “Street Roamers” are the local politicians that seemingly ran the place into the ground by burdening small business’ and home owners with costly rules and ordinances while real crime was creeping in.


    Once again, all the poor barn cars and dogs that were killed by senseless fires. Hope the owners are charged for not having proper sprinkler systems. Wait til PETA gets involved, these owners will think twice next time they neglect the fire marshals citations.

  • Sexy kids

    “Burnt down barn, arsons has neighbors on edge.”

    Did one of those fire company rapists write this article? What a great abuse of the English language.

  • 1992

    Lots of commotion in the skook. Usually the fire burns in the hearts of every skook high school football fan. It’s a real circus in da skook. Seems like they lost any control there might have been there

  • Mountain city madness

    Yeah, this area is no good for anybody. Arsons, drooling knuckledraggers, and depression. Residents of the skook are moving to places like Patterson and Newark New Jersey just to improve their quality of life. I couldn’t imagine.

  • Kev Sr

    Probably those peculiar fellows in the fire companies. I live near one that has a few sexy time offenders suiting up and riding the trucks.

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