School District Officials Under Investigation

MONROE COUNTY -- Current and former administrators are under investigation at a school district in Monroe County.

The Monroe County district attorney's office is investigating allegations including bribery and threats at Pleasant Valley School District in the Brodheadsville area.

One administrator at the district has already been charged with wiretapping. He was in court Friday for a hearing. Joshua Krebs gave up his right to his preliminary hearing on wiretapping charges.

Thursday night, a Monroe County detective told the Pleasant Valley School Board there could be more charges coming.

"The office of the district attorney is currently investigating past and present members of the Pleasant Valley School District," Detective Wendy Serfass said at the meeting.

Det. Serfass went on to say the allegations may include bribery in official and political matters, threats, and improper influence in those matters, retaliation, official oppression, and violations of the state wiretap act.

In a statement, the district's superintendent says, "The contents of the statement read last night were not new information, had been reported multiple times in the press, and are common knowledge in this community. We were disappointed that the district attorney's office decided to make the statement during a school board meeting."

"I don't know anything about the bribery but threats are not nice. You can't be threatening people. You know if you did something wrong, you can't be threatening people not to talk," said Victor Murgolo of Saylorsburg.

In December, a grand jury recommended that Joshua Krebs, the supervisor of support staff be charged with wiretapping, accusing him of setting up a camera that recorded both audio and video on top of a vending machine in a break room.

According to court papers, Krebs admitted to setting up the camera in an attempt to catch a janitor not doing his job.

Krebs had nothing to say after he gave up his right to a preliminary hearing Friday at a magistrate's office in Stroud Township.

In response to the overall investigation, the superintendent said, "The district has already taken action based on information known to the district. In addition, if new information is discovered, the district will conduct further investigation and, will evaluate what further action, if any, will be taken."

Some parents believe these allegations are concerning and they hope to get more answers soon.

"We really can't form a good opinion until we know what is going on," said June Carter-Inniss of Brodheadsville.

The district attorney's office would not go into detail on who or how many people could potentially be charged in regard to these allegations.

Joshua Krebs is scheduled to be in Monroe County Court in March.


  • Cowboy

    Makes me think back to the Nixon days.
    Time to call in the FBI, CIA and the federal grand jury.
    Something ran amuck in Monroe County and got out of hand like the artificial turf in the football fields, olympic size pools and so on that the school just say they need it. LMAO! it’s out of hand with the teachers and the school board.

    • Trying Neverland

      snacks + soda = bad janitor? I really had to sit with this. Krebs spied on the janitor. I cannot believe that all of this money is being spent on this. Grand Jury. Investigation. Court appearances. Attorneys. What the ()*&% is wrong with people in this blighted county????

  • Cowboy

    Who owns the vending machine, a teacher? Trying to catch (the janitor) not doing his job?
    Are the teacher there so sloppy and never clean up after themselves?
    As far as I can see it, ALL SCHOOLS in commonwealth state should be investigated!!!
    Monroe is a big county with lots and lots of TAX MONEY coming in.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli


    I absolutely love watching the whole thing fall apart around us, day after day after day.

    Nowhere else but down from this point out.

    All segments of society: education, sports, government, media, business, religion.

    Social decay in this country is almost an art form.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      I don’t even get bothered by it anymore.

      It’s exciting.

      What kind of insanity will tomorrow bring?

      • EL MA

        An allegation of “official oppression?” Art form, indeed! See, this is why the arts programs should NOT be cut in public skoolz, else this is how uneducated students express their inner creativity.

      • Trying Neverland

        It sort of is like watching a train wreck. It’s like this horrible morbid fascination fueled by, “This can’t possibly get worse.”

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