Rep. Haggerty Explains Decision Not To Run

DUNMORE -- Saying he's done with public service, State Representative Kevin Haggerty tells Newswatch 16 he will finish out his term and then look for another career.

Political opponents and allies criticized Representative Haggerty for missing 300 votes, staying away from Harrisburg to be close to his children during his divorce.

Earlier this week, he said during a radio interview he was running for re-election, but on Thursday, he said he's not.

"When I would wake up every morning, I didn't have that real passion that I had to get here, and so it weighs on you," said Rep. Kevin Haggerty,(D) 112th District.

Even Haggerty's opponents called him a fierce tireless campaigner.

But his fight seems gone.

A protection from abuse order sought by his wife in June and his absence from 300 state house votes this fall took a toll on his reputation.

His wife quickly withdrew the PFA, but the state representative from Lackawanna County worried criticism of that and of the missed votes in a re-election campaign would be tough on his children.

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"It wasn't about winning anymore. It was just about my kids and making sure they feel safe and secure," he said. "I don't think it would be fair to continue going through these elections that are very acidic. They're nasty."

Haggerty hopes the nastiness of politics is behind him. He plans to serve as state representative until his term ends in December, and plans to be active fighting to eliminate property taxes for schools and to sponsor bills to help with the drug crisis.

When asked if he'll do a better job of showing up to Harrisburg to vote, the Dunmore Democrat vows his attendance will be close to perfect, the way it was for the first half of his term.

"I was there all the time. I didn't miss anything. I was back in the groove, and then we had a family matter," said Haggerty. "I will be in Harrisburg because there's not that election coming up. That was always the contentious things. And things always get ugly during those months and we've been beat up pretty good."

Despite personal and professional turmoil, Haggerty says he has no regrets.

When asked if he would ever consider running for office again, Haggerty said, "I don't think so."

Haggerty says he'd like to make a career of working with at-risk kids. He says he has nothing lined up now.


  • Representative Poop in the mouth

    Let me explain why I’m not seeking reelection. As my current title states , I’m Representative Haggerty and as my actions show I’m about as good as the liberals can throw in to office because I don’t represent anything but what’s wrong with these people!

  • Consequence

    This guy seems like he is just about “talking points” and does no work to come through on promises. Getting rid of Property Taxes, and tackling the drug epidemic? Meaningless words coming out of a Democrats mouth because that is where most of them or their friends get a lot of their cash flow. Pharma kickbacks for making lax laws, and the never ending joke of continuously paying for your home while “owning” your home.

  • Leroy

    It’s cutting into his drinking time. He can probably find a third shift job with all the new factories he brought to the region.

  • burtfan16

    No, Haggerty doesn’t have any regrets…….we do! And as far as his next career move with at-risk kids, you can’t just show up when you feel like it. You have to be there for them or you lose them. Perhaps something less demanding. This area is full of jobs like that.

  • Soapy BUBBLE beer sTein

    The article starts with, “Saying he’s done with public service…” Um. Not to put too fine a point on it, but wasn’t he pretty much done with public service at the gate? To miss 300 votes regardless of personal issues is inexcusable. And, to attempt to use his children AS that excuse is even more deplorable.

    Hey, Haggerty, why not refund your atrocious salary back to your constituents that trusted your word to be your bond and cast their votes for YOU to speak on their behalf? How about you do that, why not? Kevin? Are you reading any of these posts? Shame on you.

    • Speak 'n' Spell

      He obviously has no shame, or sense of guilt for accepting a salary that he never earned.

      I’d be thrilled to read something from his estranged wife. Being a fly on the wall during their divorce proceedings would be like watching a Jerry Springer Show, no doubt.

    • Jay

      WNEP failed to provide the guaranteed salary to a member of the PA State Assembly: $86,478, regardless of whether one shows up or not.

      Only California pays state legislator’s more. In fact in 40 other states state representative is considered a part time job, and in many of those states representatives are only paid per diem…..when they show up. I don’t care if you are a republican or a democratic, or whatever… Haggerty is a complete disgrace to himself and a total embarrassment and disappointment to the people he is supposed to represent.

  • Donamick

    Can’t say as I blame him who’d want to work with all those f****** cockroaches any way?! he’s probably frazzled from all the f******political b******* and favoritism the states a mess not because of Haggerty but because of the rest of them! Paul Erdos he’s been milking the system for the last 50 f****** years what good is he f****** done other than show attendance big deal

  • AWOL Marine

    Kevin please look in the mirror as soon as possible. The guy you see is the one to blame for all of your problems. Bohman took it easy on you this time, maybe he feels sorry for you now .

  • Cowboy

    Eliminate property tax for SCHOOLS TAX!
    Just more money going into teachers pockets.
    War on drugs!
    Let the junkies have all they want, problem solved. Tax dollars saved.
    I’m sorry but you are feeding the problem with more money getting no where but asking for more money for it.
    A lot of workers get a divorce, they keep working. No excuse. Taxes and Bill’s have to be paid or the state takes your house.

  • Roflmao

    Great! Working with at risk kids? He’s such a shining example. Aren’t those the kids that are frequently taken advantage of? Why did he beat his wife if he was so concerned for his children’s safety and well being? This guys a huckster!

  • Bill K.

    He should have resigned his position when he knew he wouldn’t fulfill his obligation to his constituents. Instead he milked his no-show job out for at least a year, probably more. Zippity Dooo Dah has a good idea. He should use his vacation time to compensate for the 300 votes he missed. Anything in excess should be refunded to his constituents who got taxation without representation.

  • Zippity Dooh Dah

    How about he explains how he’s going to refund the salary that taxpayers contributed into? That would be very interesting……..

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