Nurse Charged After Allegedly Neglecting a Patient

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NEWPORT TOWNSHIP -- A nurse was charged Friday in Luzerne County after allegedly neglecting a patient who ended up dying.

Police say Kelly Levandoski worked at Guardian Elder Care near Nanticoke in 2013.

Court papers say 72-year-old Melvin Johnson died after not being checked on regularly and that emergency protocol was not followed by Levandowski.

Levandowski has not worked there since 2015.

Guardian released a statement saying the care and safety of its residents is its highest priority.



  • Service With A Shrug

    Make no mistake. Nursing homes are warehouses for people who might have complicated health and behavioral issues that family members are unprepared to manage. They are also investment businesses and corporate entities that exist solely as a source of revenue. They are not facilities where the basic needs of clients/patients are considered. Levandoski’s actions were nothing out of the ordinary. Nursing homes take every penny that the patient/client receives, including deeds to family properties, life insurance policies, etc. They employ nurses’ aides to feed, bathe, dress, and move the clients/patients with usually one registered nurse as supervisor, per shift. In larger facilities, the ratio might increase, but typically not.

    If a family has any means to do it, they should gather together, hire in-home care, and keep their loved ones at home, if at all possible. In nursing homes, they do not experience genuine love, affection, or care. They are treated like cattle at a feed lot and it is a very, very lucrative business.

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