Massive Flames at Business in Bradford County

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- Firefighters dealt with massive flames at a business in Bradford County.

According to officials, the fire started just before 9 p.m. Friday night at Endless Supply Co. in Wysox Township.  The business sells livestock and pet supplies.  There were animals in the building.   An assistant fire chief believes all the animals in the building died.  He did not have a number.

Multiple tankers and fire companies were called in to fight the flames.  The assistant chief adds the fire had worked its way in to the roof when the first trucks rolled up to the scene, and the roof collapsed.  It will take heavy equipment to dig through the rubble to give firefighters access to the flames.

No word  what started the fire in Bradford County.


    • Speak 'n' Spell

      Sad, them commenters dunt gno how to spleel nun two gould.

      And, you actually sorted out how to find the comment section, filled out the information lines, and posted? I guess it takes all kinds to move the world around. [face palm]

  • Unbelievable!

    Such a shame that these animals had to burn alive for corporate profit. There is no way animals should be allowed to be packed into a supply store like a bluelight special bargain. I hope PETA gets involved in this case of catastrophic animal abuse!

    • John

      You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. That is a great business, with wonderful caring people that work there. Please stop saying bad things about this tragic event.

    • Film At Eleven

      @UNBELIEVABLE! what a vile comment to make. “….packed into a supply store like a bluelight special bargain….” There is something legitimately wrong with you that you cannot separate your narrow world from the realities of Life. Get help before you sperg out in public, autismo.

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