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Ice Chunks Draw Crowd in West Pittston

WEST PITTSTON -- They are big and bulky, and for miles and miles, icy boulders litter the banks along the Susquehanna River.

And now these massive blocks of ice left from the ice jam have drawn a crowd in West Pittston.

Ann Marie Ermolovich and her husband came from Old Forge just to see the ice in person.

"We just wanted to see the incredible sight of the damage and ice that the river could cause. We have been here many times in the summer and it's always been so peaceful," Ermolovich said.

Ever since the ice jams broke loose earlier this week, these humongous chunks of ice have been sitting on the grass.

Some people just wanted stand next to one or take pictures from their cars.

George Wood brought his grandson Brian who spent his time chipping away at the ice at the Susquehanna.

"Must have been that surge that came back up the river and pushed it up the river. I mean who wants to visit Alaska? Just come to West Pittston," Wood said.

Ronald Bartnikowski tells Newswatch 16 he lived by the river for most of his life but seeing this is almost unbelievable.

"I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, expected to see anything like this," Bartnikowski said.  "You can't put it into words. You actually have to see it."

The ice along the Susquehanna River will not be treated or moved. It will be allowed to melt naturally and flow back into the river.


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