DEP: Avoca Flood Control Not Working Properly

AVOCA -- The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says the flooding in Avoca earlier this week was caused by a flood-control project not working properly.

A business that was devastated by the flooding is now picking up the pieces.

Inside Litzy's Lounge near the York Avenue bridge over Mill Creek in Avoca are destroyed floor tiles and a basement devastated by flooding.

The owner of the bar says it won't be open for weeks.

"I have no business, no money, and so I need something done, too. I don't think anyone should suffer like this when it was supposed to be fixed," the owner said.

Litzy's owner did not want to face the cameras as she explained all the damage because of the flooding. In business for 20 years, the owner says she's never seen anything like this.

"This is crazy. I am out of business. I am freezing, no business, like, how do I live?"

A statement released by the DEP probably won't make the owner feel any better.

"Due to heavy rain and ice buildup in Mill Creek over the past few weeks near the York Avenue bridge, certain areas of the borough flooded. DEP has determined that the existing flood control project along Mill Creek, which was constructed in 2000, is not functioning as originally intended."

Tom Decker lives above Litzy's Lounge and tells Newswatch 16 the flooding from Mill Creek turned the parking lot into a lake.

"It just shocks you that's all, but then in a matter of a half hour when they were playing with that out there, then it just flooded everything," Decker said.

Officials from the DEP tell Newswatch 16 they plan to try to modify the existing flood control barriers to better protect the borough of Avoca.

We're told that project is already underway.


  • mopar driver

    OUT OF MONEY ? Hasn’t paid for anything yet , Your alcoholic customers are suffering and now all the trash in the basement can be justified to throw it out , As this is probably a flood plain , If you don’t have flood insurance then shame on you . I bet the old asbestos tiles came unglued from the floor – big loss >

  • Thomas

    I dont mean to sound harsh, but i pass that property on a regular basis and had no idea it was still open. It looked kinda run down. If it is insured, maybe the flooding is a blessing in disguise. I hope for the sake of her business she can bounce back better then ever.

  • Dimmocrats have feelings too

    If at first you don’t succeed try, try, again. Don’t hurt our feelings we tried just like we were taught to do in kindergarten!
    Sorry your place was destroyed and your broke and homeless, but we tried so ya know, like yea. Suck it up you have insurance right, so no biggie. Shesh, call my office I’ll get ya some minutes or something. Stop hating bigot! Keep moving nothing to see here.

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