Scranton Expressway Closures Scheduled for Pothole Repairs

SCRANTON -- Drivers who use the Central Scranton Expressway should plan for a detour on Friday.

The outbound lanes are scheduled to close from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. for pothole repairs.

PennDOT says to expect rolling roadblocks on the inbound lanes as well while work is done.


  • 🤔

    Yep just ” repair” it. That’s all they do is fill in the potholes then by summer they’re just as bad or worse than they were in the winter. Hey, where’s all the gas tax money that’s supposed to be for fixing the roads? Oh, I know on all the new projects they’ve been planning. Let’s not fix what’s broken first. That’s our wonderful governor for ya.

    • #worthlessnews

      Where’s the money go? The same place it’s always gone. Philly. That’s where you find the greatest concentration of voters. They want to do that with the impact tax on natural gas, too. That’s why they call it a severance tax. They take if from us and give it to them.

      • 🤔

        What’s worse is Pa has the highest gas tax in the country and we’re in the top 10 for worst roads in the country. Gotta love it….

  • Best Driver

    You know these roads SUCK! If they would have been laid down right we wouldn’t have to drive like jackrabbits avoiding them and we wouldn’t need to sink money to repair the damage to our vehicles. Comon already!

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