Man Pleads Guilty to Raping 11-year-old Girl

SCRANTON -- A man accused of raping a child in Scranton pleaded guilty.

Police say James Bazick of Scranton raped an 11-year-old girl back in October.

According to court papers, Bazick claims it was the girl who came on to him.

Bazick faces up to 30 years in behind bars.


  • Lance

    He should get another 30 years for the dumbest defense ever.”she came on to me”. NEPA pervert hall of shame real dumb ass section!

  • 🤔

    I’m sure the child came on to him…not! 11 yr olds think boys are gross. What a poor excuse on his part. Just another sicko !!!

  • Roflmao

    The joke is the society that tolerates and believes its better to rehabilitate rather than eliminate filth like this.

    • Real American

      Theres a left leaning portion of society that thinks that is acceptable. Pedosexual. Bigot if your against it.

  • mopar driver

    Yup . These innocent children better stop carrying out their sex perversions on poor unsuspecting adults and ruining their lives . At least he will be safe from them in jail , Yup .

  • Dawn Davenport

    What a terrible human being. Sounds like someone republicans would vote for as long as he was pro-choice and anti-immigrants of course!

  • Mena Arkansas

    It’s not okay. For some reason Hillary would think it was and laugh about it while losing her trust in polygraphs. She actually DID that and it was recorded. The Russian “Pee Dossier” has been debunked and the texts are starting to be leaked out. I’m sad for this kid that they didn’t have the choice to live a carefree childhood because of liberal greed. Either a caring parent was working too much or was doped out thanks to the pill mills that gave money to the evil bastards.

    • Scratching My Head

      This statement makes literally no sense what so ever! Sounds like a reporter from Fox news who forgot to take their medicine! How does Hillary have ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING anymore?

      • Mena Arkansas

        A previous comment that was deleted (love that free speech btw) somehow blamed “Trumpkins” for allowing this egregious offense to happen. I pointed out a factual happening as a response. Then the old “bait and switch” is done to make righteous comments look crazy. It is freestyle edit, and I do not completely agree with our President, but when these tactics are used over and over again against neutral faculties? They are ensuring their own failure. A lot of people have noticed it here when their opinions were either cancelled or left singular for criticism. It only makes us more determined to listen to other ideas.


      You don’t seem to understand the working of law or the backstory to her “laughing”. Not even worth arguing points with someone who ignores anything other than what supports their own agenda.

      • Mena Arkansas

        Her statement implies that she knew he was guilty of destroying a kids life while leaving her for dead and laughed at the fact that he passed a polygraph. Have you heard the recording? It was found by accident in a library in Arkansas, and nobody knew it existed. Pretty scary that certain people would vote for her and run a biased new network in relation to someone like that.

  • III%

    And bazick will probably say it was the 350 lb. Aryan that can on to him and is the reason for Jimmy’s prosthetic butthole………. One can only hope !

    • Zippity Dooh Dah

      @all the down votes
      what is up with you people that you support this filth’s actions? do you honestly believed that an 11 y/o kid deserved to be brutalized by this monster? further, do you honestly believe that this man’s actions had something to do with POLITICS? you’re all insane in the membrane

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