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Jersey Shore Area Considers Closing Two Elementary Schools

JERSEY SHORE -- Budget woes could force the closure of two elementary schools in Lycoming County.

Officials with Jersey Shore Area School District discussed a proposal Thursday night to close Avis Elementary. Another meeting is scheduled for Friday on the future of Salladasburg Elementary.

Classes from both schools would be consolidated at another location.

Students kindergarten through second grade would attend that elementary school. Grades three through six would make up the middle school, and grades seven through 12 would make up the high school.

"That means too many grades with younger kids and older kids in a high school setting. It means poor education at our younger levels, less individualized teaching, less focus from teachers to students, and I don't think it's going to be a fix for the district," said Jason Schrack of Avis.

School officials say they plan to do more studies before making a decision.

A decision isn't expected for about three months, but parents who spoke Thursday night said they're worried their kids won't get the same education due to packed classrooms. Another concern parents have is that students would have to travel farther just to get to school.


  • Truth be told

    Cyber School Folks ! Whether you want to love it or hate it people, Cyber School has put these Brick and Mortar Schools out of business ! Many Parents have decided not to send their kids to Public School to be Bullied or to feel like an outkast, not accepted b the so called COOL Peers and Teachers pets ! And with all the thugs that migrated to these towns, they also Cyber School their kids to keep them as safe as can be from the thugs in the Districts….

    So what is the #1 Question parents are asked if their kid goes to Cyber School ? What about Socialization ? Oh yeah, tell me about Socialization, dope, drinking parties, getting beat up, or bullied, and IF you really do find one friend, and the teachers see that, they make damn sure next year you will not even be in the same class anywhere…..

    Unless your a Brainiac, Jock, or just to cool period, then you may want to be Cyber Schooled, and from the looks of these shrinkin Districts, Williamsport, Jersey Shore, and many others, I think quite a bit of kids have hed enough with the socialization they were getting at Public School

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