Haggerty Not Running for Re-election

DUNMORE -- A controversial state lawmaker from Lackawanna County says he will not run for re-election.

Democrat Kevin Haggerty represents Pennsylvania's 112th District. He has been criticized by fellow lawmakers for missing more than 300 votes since July.

He returned to work in Harrisburg earlier this week.

Haggerty told Newswatch 16 the reason for his absence in Harrisburg was to be closer to his young children while he was going through a divorce.

Haggerty's seat in the state house is up for re-election this year.


  • AWOL Marine

    Haggerty fell extremely short of what he should do right now, and thats to resign . How could he go from Tuesday on the Sue Henry Show saying he is running for re-election and will win and beat all challengers, and Wednesday with his press release touting all the LSA money “ HE” got , which is a lie, to Thursday he decides not to seek re-election , to again , using his children as an excuse, take care of them ? Sounds like he either had a Devine Intervention, or maybe a certain law enforcement agency intervention sometime Thursday morning 😉 This sounds like it won’t end well for the Master Hiding Seek Champion .

  • talking clowns

    and then after all your cheap drain the swamp talk you people will continue to vote the same exact pieces of lying thieving crap right back into office state and federal like you all do over and over and over and over and over and over and over in this useless waste of a state. Blah Blah Blah

    • EL MA

      TALKING CLOWNS, I’m sorry to write that this is correct. First, people who scam the public for nearly 100K annual salary aren’t held accountable. Who is the oversight committee, here? Why, and how, was Haggerty’s absence allowed to continue for that long? Why wasn’t he fined and FIRED, immediately? Where is the OVERSIGHT on this? Nowhere.

      When citizens make a decision to stop following party lines and begin demanding quality performance from their elected officials with severe financial and legal consequences if they don’t meet that standard, then things may begin to improve. As it is, we are in a dreadful socio-political spiral where everyone is screeching and nobody’s talking. :-(

  • Tina N Gregorski

    I think he should return his salary to the state! How many people do you know that take more than half their contract off and still get paid?? Still even have a job?? We elected you to do a job, which in my mind means you signed the contract when you took the job! We as a state deserve a refund from him!

  • Jay

    $86,478.50 / year.
    Only state legislators in California have a higher salary than what we give away here in PA.
    Meanwhile, in 40 other states it’s only considered a part time job.

  • Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye

    Good Riddance and good luck with him finding a job ANYWHERE. Any HR manager with a brain would stay clear of hiring this crybaby.

  • EL MA

    Since someone’s feelings got hurt with a minor letter-swap in Haggerty’s name, this is what I posted that is awaiting moderation, AFTER I swapped the letter back to its original spelling:

    Okay. I need a check on this. I’m reading that Haggerty has announced that he will not seek a bid for reelection. Am I correct in the interpretation, here?

    How could that matter possibly be in any doubt? Haggerty should be fined out the wazzoo for dereliction and sub-standard job performance. Just try calling out for personal problems for 5 months at Lowe’s.

    • EL MA

      Instead of down-voting, try presenting a counter-argument as to why Haggerty’s performance hasn’t been worthy of derision. Do it, please. Bring on some powerful discussion.

  • sick of fake news

    Decides not to run for re-election. Talk about a no-brainer since he can’t do the job already and if he didn’t fire himself the voters would have He should reimburse the taxpayers whatever he received for the % of time he wasn’t there.

  • wannabeinformed

    The HONORABLE thing would have been to step down when he realized that he wasn’t suitable doing his job, AND collecting taxpayers money for ABSOLUTELY nothing!! What kind of EXAMPLE of a man and FATHER is he ?? Besides everything else…..like not representing what he was elected and paid for!!?? I have ZERO respect for him, he should be ashamed of himself!!

  • burtfan16

    Who would vote for him? He should be made to re-pay, as in his salary which he clearly didn’t earn. It’s criminal……

  • Hugh

    Good riddence, let’s us drain the swamp in Harrisburg as well, eliminate the parasites that draw a salary from Harrisburg and work on the side as well.

  • Chamber Pott

    Just like per diem abuser run away from the cameras Representative Frank Andrews Shimkus………leaving public office in shame. But who’s keeping track of all that ?

  • Make Me Safe

    Imagine that………..I think this bilious puke should be forced to return every taxpayer dime that contributed to his salary that he did not earn. DID. NOT. EARN.

      • DaffyDonLovesPutinsC

        Alls I knows is dat Daffy Don loves both aging hookers and Putin’s wang, and his tax cuts won’t reach your trailer park. Bye bye.

    • EL MA

      Oh, for gosh sakes. This issue has nothing to do with party lines. ANY elected official that failed so miserably to do their job should be deposed (or, whatever they do to them), regardless of party affiliations. This is the crux of the problem, today, is that we are finding no middle ground and it’s either a “right” or “left” issue, and not an ETHICAL violation.

      Haggerty is a disgrace. A full-out, 100% disgrace and he should have resigned when it was clear that he was incapable of dealing with the unfortunate curve-balls of Life. EVERYONE suffers traumas, and EVERYONE is expected to return to work, in quick order, regardless of their situations. This includes the violent deaths of spouses, family members, children, etc. That is the core of this disgrace that Haggerty made his pending divorce matter ALL ABOUT HIM, and left the constituents high and dry while he indulged his personal matters. It’s abominable, and he should be heavily fined and branded a ne’erdowell.

  • Check Endorser

    Oh no, say it isn’t so. Who else are we going to pay for not going to work now? Using your wife and kids as an excuse for not doing your job and leaving constituents without representation is High School crap. Your contemporaries in Harrisburg are laughing at you Kevin. It’s been one thing after another. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Deb Payson

    I guess he will continue to collect his pay even though he has not and apparently will not earn it. Taxpayers, as employers of elected, consistently suffer. I wish there were a speedier method of addressing poor work results of those we elect, like most employers have. Parents going thru a divorce and parents of children suffering from cancer would surely have liked to be home and get paid. They are not as privileged as those whose salaries they pay.

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