Food Pantry Goes Mobile in the Poconos

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Feeding Families Ministry at the Mountain Center near Tobyhanna got its start nearly five years ago, in the back of Diane McFadzean's car. Since then, the nonprofit that helps people in need of food and clothing has come a long way and will soon grow by eight wheels.

"The first van will be a larger cargo van that will have heavyweight capability that we will need to move food, large amounts of food, heavyweight food, cans, things like that. We will also be purchasing a people mover which will be like a Grand Caravan or something like that," said McFadzean.

The purchase will be made possible by state gaming money. A grant for more than $55,000 was approved earlier this week.

The director says this food pantry is one of the biggest in Monroe County and transportation is greatly needed.

"We are just growing like crazy, so we know that the van and being able to bring in more food and capability will help us meet that need so much more," said McFadzean.

The director at the food pantry began the grant application process in the fall, but she couldn't do it alone, so she got a little help from the Pocono Mountain Economic Corporation.

Michelle Bisbing helped write the grant for Feeding Families Ministry.

"There is a lot that goes into the decision-making process. The applications get submitted, scored, folks get together and discuss who has gotten money before, who hasn't. They try to spread it around, and then the CFA is the final approving body that says who gets funded," saidĀ Bisbing.

The plan is to have the food pantry vans on the road by the spring.