Couple Charged with Stealing from Ambulance Association

JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP -- A couple has been charged with stealing from the ambulance association they used to run.

Detectives say the ambulance in Lackawanna County, which is run on tax money and donations, is now out close to $70,000.

Suspicions were first raised at the Jefferson Township Ambulance Association back in July when the state auditor general's office found some red flags and called for a criminal investigation.

At that point, auditors thought $30,000 was missing. That number grew as the investigation went on.

The Jefferson Township Ambulance building near Mount Cobb was locked up, but its members and financial contributors in this part of Lackawanna County now have answers to questions that came up last summer.

A routine state audit found discrepancies with dozens of checks made out to two of the association's officers – Capt. Gerald Dennis and his wife, the association's treasurer, Dorothy Dennis.

The couple turned themselves in on charges of theft and forgery after a criminal investigation found more than just discrepancies.

According to court papers, a six-month investigation found the couple forged closed to 200 checks that were made out to them for purchases they said they made for the ambulance service.

Gerald and Dorothy Dennis were asked by the state auditor general and Lackawanna County detectives to prove they made those purchases but never gave over receipts.

Other ambulance officers told detectives the pair never should have made ambulance purchases out of their own pockets in the first place and many of the purchases they say they made don't make any sense.

Detectives say the couple paid themselves for association dinners that never happened, trainings that were never held, even candy for parades that the ambulance service didn't participate in.

Investigators say the theft totals close to $70,000.

Gerald and Dorothy Dennis face about 200 charges each. After their arraignment, they were released on unsecured bail, but they are due back in court next week.

We reached out to other officers of the Jefferson Township Ambulance Company but have not heard back.


  • Chelsea K

    I’m sure your a saint right. Haha. Just because you see something on the news doesn’t consider it the truth. Just because it’s on tv doesn’t mean you have a right to open your damn mouth. You’re not involved so simply stfu and stay out.

    • S. Williams

      This is a comment section isn’t it? Actually out of all the comment sections on here, this is the only one that the posts are speaking the truth. Not opinions, the truth. Their grandson has admitted they are guilty, read his post, Steven has distanced himself since the investigation began, his wife’s words. Why? Aren’t they innocent until proven guilty? That is unless you are trying to distance themselves from any involvement they had.

      • sandman

        Getting married in their back yard isnt distancing urself. He ran when the law came. They ALL have run the ambulance building for years. Not the past 4. Jerry and Dorothy stole the $ and funded their family. Thats why dorothy has NOTHING to show for $70,000.

      • sandman

        Ya, he distanced himself when the investigation started. He saw the law comming, and he RAN. What does that tell u? Only guilty people wpuld do that. He had NO problem getting married in their yard. Lmao. That says ALOT.

    • sandman

      Im no saint. I never said i was. Im definitely not a thief or a liar. And i dont defend scum. Im not a saint, but im proud to say im not a dennis. Funny, not one single family member can apologize for the actions of their loved ones. Thats sad. If they were my family, i wouldnt turn my back on them. But u better believe id be apologizing to the people of Jefferson twp for what damage my family caused. None of u can do that. Ive given $ to the ambulance company. It was never meant for ur familys pocket. So imo, i have every right to be pissed off. But that means nothing to u people.

  • S. Williams

    DIAZULI, you had better not put on a wig or a dress, if ASA is anything like his dad,he might mistake you for a woman and actually beat you. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Devil Dog

    I’m not hiding at all. I’ll talk as much as I want, any time and all the time and NO one is gonna stop me. That’s the bottom line.

  • Chelsea K

    Carol and Sandman are a bunch of bit*ches. Can’t even put your full name or real name. Come off ghost and then talk crap.

    • Diazuli

      Give it up, “Chelsea K.” I could imagine you being just like Dorothy, quick to talk and slow to back it up. But maybe you’re just upset because you were reaping benefits too. Sorry for your loss lmao

  • Carol

    So defend the Dennis family, who stole over $70,000. But someone who didnt steal should go to jail because they couldnt do anything? This familys friends are just as screwy as they are. Lmao. I laugh in ur face. I did say they were good emts, Jerry did save lives. But there is NO excuse for this corruption. They can save lives without stealing. Sorry, blame everyone else. This family is the ONLY ones to blame.

  • EMT Chips

    I’m sorry to hear all this negativity from people who only NOW have a set of knockers to “claim” how “horrible” and “what scum” the Dennis Family are! WOW! THOSE screaming “scum” apparently “knew” of “wrong doings”….. NEVER reported it…..but, now sit behind the keyboard like a bunch of keyboard warriors spewing garbage about a family who DEDICATED THEIR LIVES TO SERVING AND HELPING the residents of Jefferson Township! I THINK YOU should be investigated for “withholding”criminal” knowledge”!!! BUNCH OF SICK COWARDS! HILLBILLY SCUM at the FINEST!

    • Dennis

      Over 30+ years serving the community, yet everyone is so quick to forget. 60 hours a week that man would spend at the building or on a rig. I learned from him, and worked under his guidance, he’ll always have my respect. Dorothy is a different story, yet I still won’t speak bad of those yet proven guilty.

  • ParamedicRob

    These people have been doing this for years and not too mention how rude they always act. Throw the book at them. Shameful putting their community at risk. She is the root of evil. He was just a puppy dog doing what he was told by her. That red thing he drove around was all funded by the community tax dollars. I blame township officials for not monitoring this ambulance association closely. After all by Pa. Law states municipal government is responsible for ems, fire and police protection. As a Paramedic I had interacted with these two wing nuts many a time and they were awful when it came to their behavior on EMS calls. Put many patients at risk to benefit their own pockets. I would not give you 2 cents for these individuals. That entire ambulance is loaded with toxic people as result of these ads clowns. I hope the state steps in and shuts the ambulance down. Let Hamlin cover the entire area along with Commonwealth health EMS and Pa ambulance. At least the citizens will get quality care they deserve without being robbed.

    • Sick Of Wagon Jumpers

      PARAMEDIC ROB, CLEARLY you are supporters of Hamlin EMS. How about you DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY and LAY OFF JEFFERSON! Heard about YOU! MOVE ALONG! I WOULDN’T GIVE “2CENTS” FOR YOU EITHER! You “knew” about this?? Then WHY didn’t you inform the AUTHORITIES?? SHUT THE HELL UP!

    • Diazuli

      Have no fear, Jefferson Twp Ambulance has a new Captain… who is honest, hard working, and an all around great asset to the community. Hopefully he can gain back all of the communities trust due to these morons and their corruption!

      • Asa Dennis

        Honest? The same problem lies with him. One family running the show will never end well. He pushed for his position and will fail. I am not defending the scum who was there before him. But he is no better

      • Diazuli

        So i guess you know how the place was restructured you must have been there at the meeting and hes way smarter than you think get your facts straight. Its not gonna be like it was with only DENNISES signing checks and one family holding checkbooks hostage. And he didnt PUSH for any position. He has been there for years busting his ass while others capitalized and hes not taking over at a very opportune time. For you to say that shows you are as venomous as Dorothy.

      • Diazuli

        I’ll make myself available at your convenience and I promise you won’t be happy with the results, ASSHAT Dennis. Oh, and I think it’s safe to say, I owned you :)

    • This Guy

      Where was the community put at risk? Regardless of money, the ambulances response is second to none that includes the “partially paid” companies and the care is the best. Truth is most EMTs got certificated there. Now you want to bring Hamlin into it which has nothing to do with anything, why dont you ask about them paying someones spouse in stead of paying the person working to defraud the government. Or ask about the man who had a heart attack on goose pond road and died because they responded from Regional hospital..
      People that live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones..

    • Jane Dose

      I love that this article has every scumbag in the area crawling out of their scumhole to defend their scum friends!!! Let me guess…they’ve used some of that stolen money on you!! That is the only way someone can defend stealing money that is meant to save lives!!!

  • Jane Dose

    They don’t even look remorseful!!! Walking into court, waiving to people like they were entitled to the money!! That money was meant to HELP people and SAVE LIVES!!! The volunteers stand in the streets with firemen boots begging for any small donation to help the community and these greedy scumbags steal it for their own pathetic selfishness!! This is too common in our area!! We need to start making an example out of these scums!!!

  • Michelle

    I see many people accusing the entire family.. not true. Yes the family is messed up, but they have family that was not involved.. let justice be served on those who did the crimes not the entire family who is only guilty of sharing a last name or blood line… remember there is a family that has to try and hold their heads high while being bashed for something they didn’t do

      • Michelle

        Very sad… i hope your family never does wrong that you never have to face the ridicule of judgemental people clumping you In with people that do this.. I’m not defending them.. They are wrong in all counts.. but they have family being torn apart that have nothing to do with them or their actions.

  • Carol

    When Jerry was diagnosed with cancer, mt cobb pulled together to support him. Such scum!! Dorothy NEEDS to rot in jail. Mt cobb should dig a hole and toss this entire family of thieves into it and cover them with dirt. Good bye Dennis family.

  • Carol

    Lets see if she is smiling and waving in prison. Stole close to $70,000 and she looks like she is enjoying her 15 min of fame. Scumbag family!! They should be ashamed. But not the Dennis family.

  • Tyler

    Mt. Cobb is lucky to finally get u thieves out. Wayne county doesnt want u living here either!! He wore a Jefferson twp Ems shirt to court? Slap in the face. Look how she smiles and waves. These people arent sorry. They are crazy. Garbage family!! All of them!! GO BACK TO NEW YORK!! WE DONT WANT U HERE!!!!!

    • Jefferson

      I feel so bad for Jerry. I don’t believe he would do any of this for one second. He was her puppy dog. I hope the courts let him free and fry her ass.

  • mopar driver

    So as you are dying and no ambulance arrives , remember this nice couple and the money donated to their great volunteer cause . Charity begins at home ? I am betting such a mentality doesn’t own anything worth $70 K to repay their thefts ?

    • P

      Jerk… you don’t even know them! Jerry has had problems with his mental facilities for years… shove that tootsie roll up ur butt!

      • sandman

        Ahh, but i do know Jerry I thought he was cancer free? Btw, cancer isnt an excuse for theft. Ive seen them with my own eyes pocket $ and buy food and things for themselves out of the ambulance funds. They are facing charges cause its TRUE!What is sad, is that u are defending someone who was supposed to help save lives in the community. NOT STEAL FROM THEM.

      • sandman

        Cancer isnt an excuse to be a thief. Tootsie roll what? where? Was that supposed to defend them? Roflmao. I bet they are glad to have u in their corner. SMH

      • Jane Dose

        If he has had known mental issues then why were they allowed to have access to funds?? So YOU knew he was a mental scumbag…and you are defending him. Hmm…scum supporting scum!!!

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