Water Rising in West Pittston as Concern over Ice Jams Grows

WEST PITTSTON -- Emergency crews were out Wednesday morning dealing with flooding from ice jams along the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County.

Hours earlier, a section of Susquehanna Avenue was dry, but water levels have risen considerably since then.

A U-Haul truck sat outside a home in West Pittston as chairs and other furniture were moved out

With flood waters creeping up because of the ice jam on the Susquehanna River, some people are packing up rather than risk water damage.

Judy Stevenson says she's been flooded three times, including seven feet of flooding on her first floor in 2011. She is not taking any chances with this ice jam.

"They are saying 35 (feet), but with the ice jams, they think it could go higher, so what we decided to do is empty out our house," Stevenson said.

Water levels along Susquehanna Avenue have risen dramatically since noon.

Flooding has closed Route 92 in Exeter and sections of Susquehanna Avenue in West Pittston.

West Pittston Mayor Tom Blaskiewicz was joined by Congressman Matt Cartwright at the scene.

"We are dealing with an unknown. The river level and the ice are something we haven't seen and I don't think any other people have seen that, so messaging this to our residents is important," the mayor said.

The ice jam has taken down trees along the frozen Susquehanna River.

Colleen Trusavage remembers 2011 when flood waters destroyed her first floor. She changed the design of her house hoping this time the water stays out.

"We were wiped out, most of the bedrooms, everything, so it's a concern. We thought raising the house would be OK, at least our living space won't be damaged," Trusavage said.

West Pittston's mayor says there is no way to estimate a time frame as to when the ice jam will be cleared and the river will flow freely again.

County emergency management officials held a news conference Wednesday afternoon, giving details of the current situation on the river.


  • Joe

    Lol. Boggles my mind. Makes me laugh. How many decades have they been dealing with flooding lol. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again excepting a different result. Crazy stupid. Can’t expect much from people that parents are brother and sister

    • Skittle

      Insanity is a legal term. It is perfectly acceptable to perform the same action over and over and expect a different result each time. Shuffling a deck of cards or rolling dice are two examples.

  • jhosk

    Do y`all know if the folk on Warren Street are vulnerable to flooding? I ask because I have kin who live on that street. I`m domiciled in South Carolina and am out of the loop, if y`all follow my meaning.

  • The people of West Pittston

    Let’s remember to thank Senator Bob Casey on election day for failing to get the Levee for West Pittston. Bob Casey is weak and ineffective. Bob Casey did everything Obama asked him to do. Bob Casey failed to translate his obedience to Obama into a Levee for West Pittston. Bob Casey has proved himself to be a weak and ineffective leader.The weakness of Bob Casey is lower the property values and quality of life of the people in West Pittston. When these homes are flooded they get abandoned. The flooded homes then become section 8 housing. Section 8 housing leads to crime. Bob Casey needs to go. LOU 2018

    • Joe

      That would require work and concentration. The only work and concentration going on in west Pittston is child molestation

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