Shoppers React to Local Toys ‘R’ Us Store Closing

MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- Toys "R" Us announced it is planning to close over 180 of its stores across the country by spring, including one in Lycoming County.

People we spoke with weren't shocked by the news. They tell us there have been rumors circulating since last fall when the company filed for bankruptcy.

When you're on the hunt for a birthday present for your 5 year old, where do you go?

Ashley Olshenske from Avis hoped she could find something worth wrapping up at the Toys "R" Us near the Lycoming Mall.

"I'm thinking of a Power Ranger robot that he really wants, so that's in my head, and a Rubik's cube! He really wants a Rubik's cube," Olshenske said.

Last fall, Toys "R" Us filed for bankruptcy. That's when Olshenske says she first heard rumors that some of the toy stores might be closing.

"And then I didn't hear anything, and I thought maybe it's not (closing)," she said.

This week in a letter to customers, the CEO announced Toys "R" Us is planning to close over 180 of its stores. That includes the one near Muncy. The business has been open for nearly 30 years.

In the letter, the CEO said, "The actions we are taking are necessary to give us the best chance to emerge from our bankruptcy proceedings."

"From here to State College, there's a lot of people living, and they all have kids, and there's somewhere you need to go. It's a bummer, and the kids are going to be bummed to for sure," Olshenske said.

"Yeah, it's a shame because everything is closing down, Kmart, all of them. The mall is looking bad," said Tania Renn of Shamokin.

We met Hunter Cero on the other side of the mall where the camping and hunting store Gander Outdoors is just opening.

The former Gander Mountain closed last year after the business filed for bankruptcy. The new Gander Outdoors has its grand opening this Saturday.

"I am really excited that we are reopen. I think everyone likes this outdoor stuff. You come, you can pick it up in your hands. You can see it for yourself before you buy it, and you got a lot of the old-school guys that come around to shop, and I don't think that they've got online," said Hunter Cero of Loyalsock Township.

Toys "R" Us plans to begin closing its stores next month. The business is planning to have most of those stores closed by April of this year.


  • Sad Times

    Lycoming DULL – – Malls are dead folks, Dinosaurs, Obsolete ! Why ? IS TOYS R US and Lycoming DULL out of commission ? Here is why…… Who wants to go to a Sneaker Store at the Lycoming DULL and pay $100 for a pair of Nikes you can get same exact pair on eBay or Amazon for $45 FREE S/H/I ? – That is what happened, year after year after year, till these stores are hurtung financially so bad, with High Mall rent, they HAVE to close

      • 🤔

        Exactly! You watch, soon that’s going to be the only way you can shop. They put all the online prices lower so people will shop online that way all the brick and mortar stores will die out and like Steve said, that’s when the prices will be so outrageous. It’s gonna happen, just watch and see. I personally prefer to go into the store so I can see the item or trying on if it’s clothing. You never know what you’re going to get when you get it online. You order the correct size and it doesn’t fit, too big too small then you have the hassle of shipping it back. Keep in mind everything is made in China or Taiwan so sizes are never correct. I think they make them to fit the Chinese people only cuz they’re so tiny .

      • Sad Times

        Exactly, right now as I said $100 Sneakers at Store in Mall, you can buy online for $45 Free S/H/I – But once the Internet Stores have made Brick and Mortar Extinct, then those $100 Shoes currently as the Malls, will now me $150 online – So People, we are going to spend more at some point, but Brick and Mortar cannot survive much longer in any form, UNLESS is it Unique products you cannot buy online

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