Raid at Office of Wyoming Borough Manager

WYOMING -- A borough manager in Luzerne County is at the center of a criminal investigation. State police agents raided her accounting business Wednesday morning.

Court papers show police were looking for financial records from the library in the borough and a volunteer fire company.

Wyoming borough manager Tamra Smith did the accounting for both organizations between 2010 and 2014.

State police detectives raided Tamra Smith's accounting office just two doors down from the Wyoming borough building, where Smith serves as borough manager.

The raid took many in this community by surprise.

"I just think it should not be happening, and there's too much of it happening," Geraldine Conolly said.

Court papers indicate Smith filed tax returns in 2013 as treasurer for Wyoming Hose Company Number 1 that contained false information and forged signatures.

Paperwork alleges Smith refused to release financial records of the company.

Michael Baloga is Wyoming borough council member.

"Well, I really wasn't surprised," Baloga said. "About three months ago, I got a call from a state police investigator in a criminal investigation unit saying that there was an ongoing investigation in the borough into different aspects, and different areas of the borough."

The criminal investigation also involves the Wyoming Free Library.

Court papers show Smith had been its treasurer for years.

According to paperwork, an outside audit found the library's financial records differed from the information Smith sent to the IRS on tax returns.

While troopers took information from her office, Smith stayed in her SUV and did not comment.

Police have not filed criminal charges at this point.

The search warrant claims police were looking for evidence of forgery, theft by deception, and other financial crimes.

Borough officials tell us they plan to have a special meeting soon to discuss what to do about Smith who has been the borough manager for eight years.


  • Taylor

    Hope she sees some jail time for this. I think that’s the only way she’ll ever learn from leading a life full of greed and lies.

  • Bet you a dollar

    This sucks, but it happens all too often because people trust their local officials when they see them face to face on occasion. The worst offenders are the local tax collectors that prey on the elderly and those that own multiple properties that should not need an accountant for family dwellings. They are writing hand written receipts when people pay cash. Then the victims get tax notices on their doors for non payment months or years later. Investigate THOSE offices. Start in Schulkill County because they are always in the news. Bet you a dollar you will see the same shifty business I noticed when it happened to my elderly neighbor. Only half of the money was not paid, and she kept a detailed notebook since her Husband passed. Nothing happened except a call to the courthouse to “Clear it up”.

  • mike d

    her son was the officer years ago from that area that was sentenced to prison for messing with undergae girls

  • Make Me Safe

    and what IS theft by deception anyway? i understand what forgery is but i don’t know what theft by deception means.

  • Make Me Safe

    when it involves money how can anyone be surprised that people commit fraud? sometimes people defraud their own spouses and family members. happens all the time.

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