Ice Jams Cause Flooding Near Sunbury

UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP -- An ice jam broke over Little Shamokin Creek, near Sunbury, in Jason Harris's backyard on Tuesday. He took video on his cell phone.

"This was just not here, and then, whoosh, it just came right up," Harris said.

Skycam 16 video shows the ice jam flooded backyards as well as a car. Harris was at work but his cell phone alerted him there was a problem at home.

"Beep. Flood alarm. And I'm going, 'Flood alarm?' So of course, I ran home and saw the excitement going on here," Harris said.

"When we got there, the ice was already built up alongside the homes. There was a bridge as well as a waterway that goes down to the water authority," Stephen Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey is Northumberland County's Emergency Management Director. He tells Newswatch 16 this part of Upper Augusta Township is an area his department always pays close attention to whenever there is ice or heavy rain.

"It seems like the water slows down there a little bit, so when you have a high volume of water or even ice, it seems to back up a little bit," Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey says an ice jam isn't something to mess around with. Water can rise quickly and it can change direction.

Emergency management officials hope this area does not get a lot of rain in the next few days.

"Depending on what Joe Snedeker has to say, we'll listen to what he has to tell us, but we're thinking we're going to be OK," Jeffrey said.

The damage was limited to two houses, one car, and several backyards. No one was hurt.