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Ice Jam and Dangers Remain in Nicholson

NICHOLSON -- Wednesday was another difficult day for crews in Nicholson as they worked to break up an ice jam on Martins Creek. An excavator scooped up huge chunks of ice, helping the water to flow.

"It's very depressing to watch the water come in, and you wonder what's going to happen to your home. You work hard all your life to have what you have, and it's your home. People probably think I'm nuts because I'm here, but it's your home,” said Dawn Bell, who lives along the creek. Her basement flooded.

Tuesday brought the creek out of its banks, flowing into more than half a dozen homes and businesses in the borough. The water has since receded, leaving behind a muddy, icy mess of gigantic ice chunks, parts of trees, and other debris.

Several people living on Oak Street in the borough have been forced from their homes because of flood damage. They are staying with relatives or in hotels.

"It's just getting back into the house and stuff and getting my insurance to work on it as quickly as they can. I don't know what they're gonna cover, what they're not gonna cover,” said Joseph Frank who is staying in a hotel with his wife and dog.

Robert Andrewsh had to be rescued from his porch Tuesday night by firefighters when the flood waters got high. Like others on his street, his basement is flooded, as is his furnace. That means no heat in this bone-chilling weather.

"This is horrible. I have never seen anything like this, ever. Like now I don't have no furnace. I don't have no hot water heat. The power is on right now, but the house isn't even livable right now,” he said.

The danger is far from over in Nicholson.

Emergency officials say depending on the weather over the next few days, there could be more ice jam issues and more potential flooding.

"Mother Nature takes its course. God's in control of that. He never gives you something you can't handle, but sometimes I wonder, you know?" said Frank.

Emergency workers said they will return to work on the ice jam Thursday morning.