Readdressing in Montour, Northumberland Counties Sparks Google Map Confusion

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RIVERSIDE -- It's been about five months since the readdressing project took effect in Montour and parts of Northumberland County. The names of about 100 streets changed, as well as around 10,000 addresses -- all to give more precise locations to emergency responders.

"It's been a nightmare trying to find these houses," Suzan Snyder said.

Snyder is a designer and driver at Bird Florist in Riverside. She calls the readdressing project maddening at times. She usually asks people for both new and old addresses.

"If we don't get directions from the person, then you're trying to find their house on Google Maps," Snyder said.

Google Maps is where Snyder says the problem comes in. Even though it's been five months since addresses changed, Google Maps has not updated its system.

"By Google not having this information on their maps, it's causing some confusion," Tim Murphy said.

Murphy is with the Columbia County Department of Geographic Information Systems, which was in charge of the address changes. He contacted Google numerous times but has not gotten an answer.

"Unfortunately, they have not been very forthcoming with their update process and how that procedure is going," Murphy said.

As for employees at Bird Florist, they hope that answer is sooner rather than later.

"Soon, yes, that would be nice," Snyder said.

Emergency responders tell Newswatch 16 service is not affected. Murphy has paper maps of the updated addresses for whoever needs them. You can find those here.


  • An emergency responder

    Not sure what emergency responders you talked to, but all the ones I know are struggling with the wrong addresses as well. Both mapping systems used by the Montour County Fire Companies use Google Maps for their dispatching. Which means they’re all wrong. Every resident and taxpayer should be screaming to their elected officials to get this corrected. All is not well.

  • cheap tightwad

    The state does not know the difference between a physical address and a mailing address. They made a costly mess for the post office. A mail carrier only had to know how to count to load the mailboxes. there was a box number on each piece along with an HC number. With one thousand mailboxes at one location they now have to look up each piece of mail to find the box number. After changing addresses I was not getting my bills because with the change of address I included a box number to make it easier for the mail carriers. That box number was interpreted by the senders as a P.O. Box that are only inside a Post Office. So it was change the address again to one with no box number.

  • Frank K.

    I am a rural mail carrier in Northern Monroe County. Monroe County completed the readdressing about 6 years ago. It was a real headache for all the mail carriers.
    As far as Google Maps goes, I live in Wayne County. I had to send Google Maps a message telling them my address changed. I also let them know that there were changes throughout the county. Google Maps updated my address after about a month, but has not updated my neighbor’s address. I guess Google wants every individually affected homeowner to contact them…

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