Perfect Recipe for Potholes

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SCRANTON -- The warmer weather has melted away most of the ice, but it has now caused another problem for drivers – potholes.

As PennDOT works to fix these problems, drivers are doing their best to avoid them.

PennDOT says it plans on filling those potholes with a temporary fix until the weather gets warmer.

Driving through major highways like Interstate 81 to Main Avenue in Scranton, potholes may seem to be everywhere, big or small, causing headaches for drivers.

We talked with some people at the Exxon gas station on River Street in Scranton.

"Sometimes you don't know how big they are, and it sounds like your car just broke," said Megan Cummings.

"Watch what you are doing and realize that they are there because the damage to your car, you don't want that," added Kathryn Waltz.

At the PennDOT office in Dunmore, James May tells Newswatch 16 crews are working to fill potholes. He says it's unusual to have this problem in January.

"First of all, with the temperatures dropping to below freezing even if we would go out and do repairs, those won't hold when the temperature is freezing and also the asphalt plants aren't open at this time of year," May said.

There is a temporary fix.

"Right now, all we can do is go out and put in cold patch. That's basically a mixture of gravel we put in the hole to hold it over temporarily until we can come back and do a more permanent fix," May explained.

At Kost Tire and Auto Service on Jefferson Avenue in Scranton, employees say they've seen a plenty of cars come in with bent or cracked wheels, all from pothole damage.

Repairs can be expensive so Darren Griffiths urges drivers to take it slow.

"Potholes are full of water so you don't see them. You don't know how deep they are and if you do hit one, pull over and check your tires," Griffiths advised.

PennDOT officials tell Newswatch they plan on putting cold patches on potholes later this week after the rain is done.

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