Old Forge Woodworker Building Custom-Made American Flags

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OLD FORGE -- Michael Polasky of Old Forge has been making things out of wood for over a decade. Now, the 25 year old has made a business out of his custom, handmade wooden American flags.

"I send them a picture when it's done, and then they say it doesn't do it justice when they see it in person," Polasky said.

Polasky started making flags for veterans and military families interested in his designs. Just like with everything else in this day and age, social media has done the rest.

"Facebook, posting a photo, it getting shared, and then everyone else loving all the different flags," he explained.

As of about two days ago, Polasky now owns and operates Proud to Support Flag Co. out of his garage in Old Forge. Polasky has sold over 40 American flags in the last four months. He has also donated custom made flags to the local police and fire departments. Tuesday, he presented one to the VFW Post 4954 in Old Forge.

"We have to figure out a nice spot where everyone can see it, and display it properly," said Commander Michael Graham.

Each flag is hand cut, with 70 individual wooden pieces. A flag could take as little as one hour or as long as four hours to paint, depending on the design.

"He's so dedicated in making these flags. He actually called us back and said, 'I don't like the flag I gave you. The stars are not right. I'm coming to get my flag.' And we were like what? And he's like, 'I have a new one for you," said Old Forge Police Chief Jason Dubernas.

Local police and firefighters are in awe of the work Polasky has done, and they appreciate the meaning behind the American flag symbol.

"Especially with days like today, with all the problems in the NFL. So seeing someone from the community come out and make American flags, it just makes it feel like there's still hope," said Old Forge Fire Department Captain Mark Rutkowski.

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