Ice Jam Floods Nicholson Neighborhood

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NICHOLSON -- Emergency crews in Wyoming County were busy dealing with ice jams Tuesday, though they said the worst spot was in Nicholson where the water of Martin Creek backed up, flooding homes and businesses.

"This is putting a lot of pressure on the borough, and we've got to get the pressure off the borough,” said Gene Dziak, the director of the Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency.

Part of Route 92 in the borough was closed to traffic in both directions as big equipment moved in and out to clear the ice.

Folks gathered to watch, some amazed by what they saw.

"I think it's absolutely horrible for all the people that live here, lots of businesses here. My aunt lives here, and everyone is scared that they're going to lose everything,” said Lindena Marcy of Lenox.

"Never seen anything like this in my life, you know? It's sad for some of these people who have been through flooding before,” said Mark June of Nicholson.

The effort to clear the jam took hours.

Home and business owners did what they could to cope with the rising water.

Joseph Frank's property was flooded. He has insurance but says he is thinking of moving so he never has to deal with this again.

"It came up over the banks and in an hour, tide was down two feet below it, and an hour later, it was over,” said Frank.

Emergency crews say Southwest Energy brought in a special long-arm excavator to help clear the ice jam in Nicholson.

Dziak said crews dug under the ice to alleviate pressure but didn't break up the ice jam Tuesday night. Crews will be back out on Wednesday to continue.


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