Eagles Create Frenzy for Football Gear

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- Tuesday mornings are not normally the busiest days at Schuylkill Valley Sports at the Susquehanna Valley Mall, but since the Philadelphia Eagles made it into the Super Bowl, fans are flocking to the store.

"Diehard Eagles fan, I just hope they go all the way and bring the title home."

Schuylkill Valley Sports just got a shipment of NFC Champions shirts and hats. The display is front and center.

"I just came in looking. I saw the Eagles jerseys here. I figured I'd stop in and see what they're like," said Wilmer Smucker.

In addition to in-store shoppers, the phone is ringing a lot more than usual.

Assistant manager Drew Young tells Newswatch 16 he's seeing a lot of new Eagles fans, too.

"With us being central PA, it's pretty much Philly or Pittsburgh. It's nice to see Pittsburgh fans just hanging out watching us. But they're actually supporting us," Young said.

Some fans tell Newswatch 16 they're pretty sure they'll be back again in two weeks buying a new shirt.

"Hopefully in two weeks, I'll be back for another hat. Go Eagles!" Snyder said.

Employees at Schuylkill Valley Sports tell Newswatch 16 the company is sold out of some of the merchandise but other items are being shipped there daily.


  • finger

    The way things are going, pretty soon they won’t even be counting who won the game. Both teams will get trophies and both shirts declaring them as the champions will be sold side by side at the company store. You’ll be able to buy as many as you want…. Somehow

  • Dave Matichwa

    Nobody should spend a cent on any merchandise sanctioned or affiliated with the NFL. These overpaid ghetto thugs can’t stand for the national anthem and respect the flag, then why should we support them. Pull that nonsense in a country such as Russia or China and see if it is tolerated. I highly doubt it. They are all bums and Goodell carers to them.

    • Roflmao

      Is kind of interesting how they claim the moral high ground on equality issues, but find it ok to beat their wives, girlfriends and children. A complete hypocrisy.

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