Vigil in Pottsville Observes Anniversary of Women’s March

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POTTSVILLE -- Concerned with the direction our country is heading politically, women took their voices to the streets in Schuylkill County.

One year ago, thousands gathered in Washington, D.C. for the Women's March.

On Sunday, a group gathered at Union Station in Pottsville to hold a vigil in observance of that historic march.

Speakers spoke words of empowerment and equality for women and called for more women to take their rightful place in politics.

"We want equality. So that's basically the story. But the turnout was wonderful, we are very happy with it. Having men standing behind us and support us," said Dottie Botto of Pottsville.

The Schuylkill County Democratic Women's League and Schuylkill County Indivisible held the vigil.


  • El Ma

    Gee, I guess ****somebody**** got mighty butt-hurt over the negative comments and had to down-vote them all and UP-vote their own vapid comment.

    Listen, all you Current Year Feminists, you are all caught up in the emotional moment and most all of you have absolutely NO IDEA what you are “protesting.” Shouting and screeching slogans and wearing vulgar double-entendre headgear doesn’t make whatever you’re hoping to achieve from this any closer.

    If there is a legitimate issue that is based upon facts and not feelings, bring it forth in a rational discussion. And, I’m not talking about what Weinstein did – he had help to become the monster that he is, and that help came from the very women he victimized and the people that knew what he was doing and remained silent because lots of money was at stake, along with Oscars and Golden Globe Awards.

    • METOO

      Rational? Who the heck on either side is being rational? Whining and crying on the left and foaming at the mouth barking dogs on the right. How the heck does one have a rational discussion in any of this? Civility has to come first, then rationality.


    why did they come to pottsville? What are they gonna prove by marching there. I mean the entire county government there is full of nepotism, it dont matter if your women or male. its who u know in the skook #462 #dump

    • Cowboy

      To get some Yuengling BEER after the March. March a block, drink, March then drink. That’s why the men were there.

  • Marc G.

    Far Left Women’s March. Of the leaders at the national level one supports FGM and Sharia. One is a convicted terrorist bomber, and another is a convicted kidnapper and rapist.

    • METOO

      Far-right Charlottesville March. Leaders and organizers worship Hitler, claim Timothy McVeigh was justified to kill babies, and support fascism. Far-left and far-right have been around for years. So your point is???

      • PBandJ

        @meetoo guess you’re not immune to the vitriol as much as you’d thought, as well.

        My comment about women handling themselves is because that’s what women need to get to the job of doing instead of holding a vigil (face palm) in observation of the march. I cannot support something that is not based upon hysteria.

        And, there is something very important to contemplate about the Hillary v. Trump election. Women were howling – literally, howling – when it was announced that Hillary didn’t win the bid for Presidency. Hillary is the exact same person that remained married to a sexist, serial philanderer, and rapist. Hillary is the same woman who tolerated the very WORST of behavior from a spouse, supported that spouse, enabled that spouse, looked the other way, and then had the nerve to declare herself the “VOICE OF WOMEN” across this nation? And, women actually organized scream-ins because this woman didn’t win the election.

        This is what happens when emotions override facts. Sometimes, we have to do things that we would rather not in order to move forward. Life isn’t fair, and the idea that it somehow IS has caused an entire nation to stop working together and begin to see each citizen as deserving of separate privileges according to THAT single individual’s desires, cravings, disorders, or habits. This is why I cannot and WILL not support contemporary feminism. It has no substance.


        Nope. I can start and stop the vitriol at any time. I am responding in kind. When I read vitriol, then I respond in kind because there is no point to argue with an angry person. So, I play along with the absurdities of the argument and play the oppositional defiant role so that the argument can escalate to it’s eventual meaningless and the logical stalemate. Both sides (left and right) cannot be all right and all wrong all of the time. It’s a logical game of chess and “tit for tat” that always ends in a draw. So, I play along until the next story posts and we all do it all over again. Eventually everyone destroys each other. Hopefully, everyone just gets tired of fighting the same battles again and again and then are willing to take at least a breather and stop and listen. I don’t see how that is possible, especially if our leaders, Dems and Reps are doing the same. Tell you what, if you stop the vitriol and get the others to do the same, I will too. If not, we’ll all keep going on the merry-go-round to the ultimate end of complete oblivion.

      • Ain't No Peanut Butter

        From your own words you wrote, ” Civility has to come first, then rationality.” On the same topic, you wrote, “When I read vitriol, then I respond in kind because there is no point to argue with an angry person. So, I play along with the absurdities of the argument and play the oppositional defiant role so that the argument can escalate to it’s eventual meaningless and the logical stalemate.”

        So, in essence, you have what you want as a stalemate! Pretty clever, I’d say!

      • METOO

        Nope. Stalemate not wanted here. I have learned that I cannot control anyone else. So, if the crowd keeps going into absurdity, I just jump on for the ride my friend. Let’s say you wrote, “Are you willing to have a civil discussion about it?” My reply, “Sure, let’s talk”. Done that with PBANDJ but then on another page she’s joining the masses again, so I just play along. One person alone cannot change this. The collective will of the people/Civil Society needs to determine when we have had enough of all of this. We are a long way off. If you’re willing, so am I. If not, then we’ll keep knocking the pinball around. Does everyone have the freedom to choose? Sure. I have no power to limit anyone’s free speech nor to I try. Until we get tired of doing this, we’ll just keep riding the merry-go-round and see who falls off.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    It’s difficult to articulate an entire movement in one soundbite. I suggest you visit the website to see the myriad of issues the Women’s March addresses. Here’s the short version for the lazy amongst you: “The mission of Women’s March is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. Women’s March is a women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists & organizers to engage in their local communities through trainings, outreach programs and events. Women’s March is committed to dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity and respect.”

    • Writer Girl

      What does that last sentence of your post mean? We don’t need “diverse women” in politics. We need people who see themselves as Americans. Diverse people will work for themselves, idiot Americans.

    • El Ma

      JESSICAINWILLIAMSPORT, this “movement” is helmet-tiered, chest-slapping, crayon-eating, window-licking, short-bus-riding, full-on RETARDED. “Oppression?” Oppression. Women in this country might experience very unpleasant events, but so do men and nobody talks about that, do they? Anything that happens to a man is considered precisely what they “deserve,” and I have actually heard current feminists make this declaration.

      No, oppression in this country is on a level of -3 on a scale of 0-10 on the Global Oppression Level. There are nations and cultures where women are not allowed to leave their homes without covering themselves up from head-to-toe. There are cultures and nations where women must be segregated from men, AT ALL TIMES, or risk personal physical violence.

      My god, this is insanity.

      • Writer Girl

        Yes, feminists want us to think women are oppressed and men are the enemy. Usually people from groups like Planned Parenthood and immigrant causes. They hide the real reasons for their groups’ agendas. Oppression. What a joke. And don’t forget women who are stoned to death. What does marching in Pottstown do for them.


    I’m still waiting to hear of which rights were taken away from us that they keep bitching they want back. Maybe it’s their self esteem that needs a helping hand, but no president can do that for you sweethearts, that’s all you. I never got what I wanted by bitching, I had to work for it, and work hard. Whiners

  • Cowboy

    The sexy looking women with short skirts and large breast have high paying jobs with outstanding benefits. Did you ever see a sexy looking women with large breast wearing a short skirt in the unemployment line, did you know?

  • trucker

    You don’t help your credibility when you pretend to quote a regular citizen when on Nov 20th Peggy Lee quoted the same person as a Pottsville Council Member, and another publication identifies the party affiliation.
    Just be honest and tell the truth.

  • Jongodfrey

    Big doings in Pottsville. How did they keep the street roamers from trying sexy time with the marchers??

  • Wayne S

    i hope these women liked cheese sammys, dollar stores, blighted buildings, bitter beer and fire whistles. Because in pottsville there is no michael kors or Seaphora stores or within a 50 mile radius for that matter .

    • METOO

      Seems like you’re secretly attracted to them. You keep reading all these types of stories and get all hot and bothered. They got your motor running huh???

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    The Sandwich Makers Guild.


    Nothing better to do on the weekend ladies? No laundry that needs washed?

    • PBANDJ

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! A VIGIL!?!?! Who died? Oh, right……….this dozen had their dreams die when they realized that they could have traded favors with Weinstein for an obscene paycheck rather than prostitute themselves to their spouses for just a car, house, and groceries.

      GODALMIGHTY, ladies!!!??? Can none of you handle yourselves without whining about it? Time was when I would welcome a cat-call from a fellow. Today, if I get a cat-call, that dude is probably legitimately retarded.

    • METOO

      @LLOYD Yawn! Come on Lloyd, at least you can come up with something original. I made your sandwich and folded your laundry. Now go out and get a job and bring me back some bacon before I whip ya upside the head!

  • Chamber Pott

    WNEP really has a thing for promoting vile foul mouthed women in genitalia hats. Nice agenda, WNEP, but you have lost your soul

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