State Congressional District Map Ruled Unconstitutional by PA Supreme Court

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HARRISBURGĀ  -- The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that the current Congressional redistricting map is unconstitutional and must be redrawn before the state primary election in May.

The 4-3 ruling was issued Monday in response to a lawsuit.

The court ruling says the state General Assembly must submit a new plan for congressional districts that satisfies the requirements of the state constitution to the governor before February 9, and if the governor accepts the plan, it must go to the Supreme Court by February 15.

The new redistricting plan will be in place by February 19 for use in the May primary elections.


  • David R

    It would be nice if both NSA Tom MaR.I.N.O. and Doug McLinko (of the single-issue negative campaign, who blocked me from his Facebook page when I asked him where he stood on the issues) were both outside the district.

    • Sad

      That district was gerrymandered so Repub that Marino doesn’t ever have to show his face. He raises his hand when told to, speaks when given a script while collecting his paycheck and great benefits that he doesn’t think any of the rest of us should have access to. The (R) Regardless vote straight party ticket a high percentage of the time and don’t care who’s on it!

    • Sad

      The Repubs were in control when the redistricting happened. They drew them so the Repubs were in majority in each district pretty much guaranteeing their seats forever. They divided Democrat areas or went around Dem them to protect their territory. Then those Reps ignore key areas and stay in their comfort zones! Take care of their own!

  • Gerry Mander

    FINALLY the PA Courts get wise to all the corruption that exists in PA government. Keep in mind that it was the Courts who put the ‘kids for cash’ corrupt judges away. Unfortunately, this is barely a scratch on the surface.

    • trucker

      Actually the FBI was alerted from someone in philly because a parent was listened to. The local media made sure no parent was ever heard locally. That was the federal court. This is a state court.
      Judges here are elected democrats or repubs. Those judges were democrat party leaders in collusion with the local Carnahan and Ciavarella media making sure any parents making noise would be ridiculed and silenced.

  • Irene A

    Finally. I live in 11th and have not have adequate or fair representation in years. My district literally goes from Poconos to southern PA. Areas are so different along the route. Different needs/wants etc. This has gone on too long.

  • Scott D.

    About time we received relief from our gerrymandered districts. Too bad it had to come from our court instead of our congress.

  • Proletariat

    This is fantastic news. The current ratio of 13 Red to 5 Blue does not properly represent Pennsylvania at all thanks to the ridiculous gerrymandering that we have been suffering under. Thankfully by having a Dem Gov and Dem majority Supreme Court the new map should be fair and rational for the population.

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