Rep. Haggerty Returns to State Capitol

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HARRISBURG -- An embattled state representative returned to the state Capitol in Harrisburg after missing 300 votes over the past six months.

Kevin Haggerty's Democratic colleagues recently declared his last three no-shows in Harrisburg unexcused absences. Two more consecutive absences and he could have been cited for contempt of the State House.

Democratic State Representative Sid Kavulich of Clarks Summit uses a walker as he recovers from hip replacement surgery.

If Kevin Haggerty didn't show today, Kavulich planned to walk to the State House chamber and be the next area Democrat to make a motion that Kevin Haggerty's absence be unexcused.

But 11 minutes before the house reconvened, Haggerty showed up. The representative from Dunmore said nothing about his no-shows or his return.

Two fellow Democrats who started the process of holding Haggerty in contempt did speak.

"I'm thrilled that he's here. It's important to be here to represent folks in Lackawanna County and to cast votes on their behalf," said State Rep. Mike Carroll, (D) 118th District.

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State Representative Gerald Mullery, who represents the Nanticoke area, has been one of Haggerty's toughest critics.

Haggerty has now missed 300 votes, including key ones on the state budget and on a plan to tax natural gas drillers.

"He's disenfranchised the people of his legislative district. He's taken away their voice in Harrisburg. It's been an embarrassment not only to folks that he represents and himself, to the entire Democratic caucus, but the General Assembly as a whole," said State Rep. Gerald Mullery, (D) 119th District.

Rep. Haggerty recently told Newswatch 16's Stacy Lange, he didn't go to Harrisburg so he could be closer to his young kids while he goes through a divorce.

But recently, there has been more trouble for the state representative. A bank repossessed his Jeep and a picture of the state representative making an obscene gesture at a restaurant in Dunmore surfaced on the internet.

But will the damage from this on top of his poor attendance cloud Haggerty's political future.

"That will be a decision for the folks of his district to make," Rep. Carroll said.

Several colleagues say they will keep an eye on Rep. Haggerty's attendance in the coming weeks. He missed 180 votes during his first term in the 2013-2014 session. He's missed 300 during this fall's session and even though he showed up on Monday, he did not join his fellow Democrats during an afternoon strategy session.


  • Epic

    Please stay on top of this Dave. People of Lackawanna County….wake the hell up
    Kevin, no wonder your wife left you. Coward. Loser

  • 🤔

    How Noble of him to FINALLY show up. Why did it take so long for them to hold him in contempt that’s my question. All places you work at have a policy about showing up for work everyday and on time. You miss at least 3 consecutive days and you’re are fired. Why the special treatment for this fool. It’s the tax payers that are paying his salary. He should give them all that pay he received for not working. If I were the people of Dunmore, I surely would NOT re-elect this fool!

  • John Williams

    Wow Sid, make a motion his absence is unexcused. Glad to see you’re really being tough with him after 6 months of no show. Wish i had a job like that, i guess i need to run for office.

  • Foxy lady

    Scranton remember this guy and vote him out of office on election day. So he’s a divorced guy with kids. You still need to work, like anyone else.

  • El Ma

    I have to ask how this is even possible. If ANY elected official behaved like this, it would seem that they would be in forfeit of their jog and frigging fired. How can this even be possible???? This isn’t about party affiliations. This is about an arrogant, self-absorbed, self-important, and self-righteous turd that needs to be flushed like all other waste. SHAMEFUL, shameful, shameful

  • Think Positive

    This kind of behavior seems to be acceptable within the political arena in Scranton. That’s why Scranton has the bad reputation it does, of being a joke. Nobody wants to judge. We all have our problems. But, at least make an attempt to behave respectful and dignified.

    • eL mA

      I’m being serious about elaborating. I don’t know anything about this asshat other than he’s on the citizens’ payroll and he’s dropped the proverbial ball a total of 300 times, at least. That is 300 votes that impacted his constituency and he is allowed to return to his job after his long hiatus because of a messy divorce? HOW IS THAT ACCEPTABLE?

      Okay. Rant over

  • Roflmao

    Yea, but he’ll give you free stuff if you vote for him! He must really of ticked somebody off however, Dimm on Dimm violence is seldom seen in public. Usually limited to domestic violence, cause girls don’t hit back as hard.

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