Dunmore DPW Worker Critically Injured After Falling From Garbage Truck

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DUNMORE -- A DPW worker in Lackawanna County is in critical condition after he fell off a garbage truck.

Michael Butler, 40, of Dunmore has been hospitalized since the accident last Thursday.

Posted on the Facebook site of Michael Butler were messages of support and prayers.

Police say the Dunmore DPW worker was seriously injured last Thursday when he fell off the garbage truck he was riding on.

Dunmore police say Butler was standing on the back of the truck while riding down the 200 block of West Grove Street in the borough when the step he was standing on snapped off. Butler fell to the ground, hitting his head on the pavement.

When the ambulance and officers arrived, they found Butler bleeding heavily from the head.

A second DPW worker who was riding on the other side of the rear of the truck told police he didn't see Butler fall but heard a “bang and looked back to see Butler lying in the roadway bleeding and the metal step lying alongside of him.”

Butler was taken first taken to a hospital in Scranton. Friends say he has now been flown to a hospital in Philadelphia.

On Delaware Street in Dunmore, where Butler's parents live, neighbor Billy Roche says he's known Michael Butler Sr. for decades. He says Butler Jr. is a well-liked man.

“Very nice guy, real nice guy,” said Roche.

Dunmore police say the garbage truck was taken back to Dunmore DPW and placed in a secured bay with police tape surrounding it in case further investigation is needed.

At Dunmore's regular council meeting, the council president said borough officials have been in touch with the Butler family but declined to comment out of respect for the family.

For the Butlers' neighbor, he says he'll help in any way possible.

“Oh, I feel bad,” said Roche. “I feel really bad, and if there's anything I could do, I would do it for them.”

Michael Butler is at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. A spokesperson said he is in critical condition.



      I knew someone would drag Louis into this, you must be proud to be the 1st one.
      You should read the story over again, after all it wasn’t that long, It was a borough truck, not a private contractors truck.


      Nope you Dopes, I am not from Dunmore, work for Louis, N & L or have any ties to any of the above, nice try though.
      You guys are probably the same ones that Blamed the damaged bridge on Bob Bolus when he only owned the truck, this is obviously a borough maintenance issue, not a landfill issue.

      • Buffalino hunter

        It ALL falls back on the shoulders of the greater Scranton mafia. They have totally destroyed the Wyoming valley and are still doing so! Keep looking the other way, everybody else does.


        Boy oh boy, these comments are getting more comical every time, Who you gonna blame next, the pope or the diocese of Scranton

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